Sashira's CS Comp entry - more Beta testers needed


I’m about half done with my entry for @LordIrish’s Choicescript competition. The theme is “lunar light”, otherwise I can’t share details. The game is surreal, and may contain disturbing content (depending on what you find disturbing) but is not explicit in terms of language or scenes.

I could use half a dozen people to check it out at this point, and give me feedback on a few key areas. Since the writing is pretty complex and may be confusing even for native speakers, I’m asking for people good at English to do this first round of testing/proofing. I might have time for a second batch before the end of the month.

I’m finishing up a few scenes today, so the testing link for the first ten or so scenes will be sent out tonight or at latest over the weekend. Cheers, and good luck to everyone in the contest.


Hey I can help you beta test if you want me too. Got spare time.


I haven’t beta tested a Choicescript game before, but I have a background in copyediting, and I have worked with some pretty heady stuff. I’d be happy to help if you think I will be useful.


As a stupid person I am perfect for testing game complexity (I am willing to help as I have room on my agenda.) :slight_smile:


I’d love to help test if you’ve still got slots.


Well you have quick access to what disturbs me, I’d be glad to test if you’ll let me.


In if you’ll have me.


Thanks, everyone. I think that’s enough for now. The six posters above me are all in; I’ll be sending out testing links soon.


Bumping this thread, because I could use a few more testers. I already have one more person who volunteered in a PM, but I think I could use another six or so.

Content testing got pushed back because of technical problems, so some more eyes and opinions on the various scenes are what I could really use now. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.


I have never Beta tested a game before but I have always wanted to. so if you’ll have me, I’m in!


If you’re still looking for beta tester,I could help!


Sure, I’m down for that. If you need a person, I can chip in!


I would only be able to help beta test in terms of reading the actual story, and not in terms of coding or anything like that. If you’d like another set of eyes for that purpose, then I’ll be glad to help :slight_smile: