Fiogan - CS Comp Beta Testing

I now have an alpha build of my competition piece up and running! I would absolutely love it if some daring beta testers were interested in having a look and sending on some feedback.

If you’d like to be part of my super-secret hush-hush beta testing team for the 4th annual CS Competition, hosted by the fantastic @Lordirish, please PM me, or drop me a note here and I would be happy to PM you.

If you want to ask me via PM a bit about the game before you commit to beta testing (which I would well understand), that’s fine too!

I would love to have a few folk who can tell me what they do and don’t like about the writing and plot, or test for continuity errors, or point out typos and tell me not to use so many commas.

I have an alpha build up right now that’s working and ready to go, and about 16,500 words. A-1, so to speak.

And as it came up last year - yes, beta testers are allowed to be beta testing more than one CS Comp game, as long as they’re very hush-hush and don’t mention which CS Comp beta tests they’re doing. (I checked again with @Lordirish also just now to be double sure!)


You know the drill with me Fi.

Just let me know any number of ways.

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I am interested in being a beta tester for your WIP.

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If you allow me I would be happy to be a beta tester and give you feedback :slight_smile:

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I would like to help test

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I’ll beta-test for you!

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I would like to beta test! :slight_smile:

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