Fiogan: Another CSComp entry, canvassing for beta testers


I’m a first time ChoiceScript writer, with some experience as a writer and editor. I’m working on a short story for the CSComp, and I would really appreciate a few beta testers who are interested in giving feedback about the writing style, plot, and characters in particular.

If you are interested - and that would be brilliant! - please send a PM my way if you’d like any more details about the genre, etc., or if you’re up for a blind test and want a link to the first chapter.

I currently have the first chapter finished and debugged as best I could manage, and it’s about 13000 words of text and code. I hope to have four to five functional chapters, including the conclusion, by the end of the CSComp.


Update: Well, I have my story pretty much the way it’s going to be when I submit it, other than edits and revisions.

If anyone would like to beta test and give feedback, particularly for a new scene that I’ve just finished, I would greatly appreciate it. Post here or PM me, if so, and I can PM a link to the current version. Thanks!