CS Comp - Alpha Testing - Wraith

Good morning! / afternoon! / evening!

As some of you already know, the CS competition has already started since a week with the theme ‘Poisonous Intent’. While I am not anywhere near finished, I would like to have some feedback on the game I am writing. There might be some pesky grammatical errors, perhaps continuity errors or problems with the code I haven’t noticed. I would be very happy if you could point those out to me then :slight_smile:

So far, my game has around 44.k words and growing, with the second chapter drawing near. If you would like to help me with my game, then please send me a PM and I will provide you with information about the game itself and then you can decide if you would like to help or rather not.

Thank you everyone and have a nice day!


Just wanted to give you a reminder, one author to another, that you’re not supposed to mention the name of your story (so the judges can be impartial).

I think it was said that we don’t give out the name of the author?
I mean, Beta testers are not the judges, and I don’t think that the others will spread word on the competition itself about the game (which I hope they will not). In addition, there is nowhere stated here what the name of the game is, nor does a Judge beta-read… I guess/hope?
Anyway, if it’s not allowed to have a game name on the game itself, then I can also delete it for now. (shrugs). Still. I don’t think that a judge will know who the game belongs to just by the name of the game (which is not stated here).

On another note… that makes me curious as to why you know my game has a name even though I never mentioned it here or that you were beta-testing it. How do you know it then?

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Simple. Magic wooo
I think @Shawn_Patrick_Reed was just giving a friendly reminder, as hes a veteran of CSComp. If there is a rule that stated you shouldn’t have your game name in the beta testing, I think it would to prevent anyone from accidentally leaking out the name, and if people know the name of your submission beforehand, then the judges might find out by accident, and thus cannot judge impartially.

Or something like that. :yum:


Ah, I was just wondering for a moment xD
It sounded like he knew for a moment what my game was called, and I was very confused and thus also wary about it ^^


Actually, I mistook your forum name for your game’s name. XD I’ll admit - I made a mistake. ^_^’’ Sorry.


You both… Lol.
I think I’ll name my game as Wraith and my pen name will be Fiogan. One of the main characters will be Shawn Patrick Reed.


You got my interest I might like to test this can I have more details thow.
You can sd a private messageif that would help so you don’t have to give the information to everyone.

Pertaining to the alpha testing opportunity, I would like to offer a hand in testing out whatever your WIP is called.

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My CS Comp Title is: NeoHeartless

My CS Comp Author Name is: Shawn _Patrick_Reed

My CS Comp Nome de Guerra is Wraith

My CS Comp Judge’s Name is: Snowpanther.

@zolataya is nothing but a figment of your imagination. …

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First off… what’s a ‘Nome de Guerra’? Sorry, I am not familiar with that term.
Secondly, I doubt this belongs into this thread x)
Sorry Zol :innocent:

Tries to act like a grown-up for once xD


A “nome de guerra” is a pseudonym or nickname.

To all my beta testers, I made a little update! (very little with the small time I had during the exams…)
I fixed the mistakes and errors you guys pointed out. Thank you very much for everyone who is helping me!
Added a few choices and you can go a bit further in chapter 2 now. Also, have you noticed a big change at the end? ~
(PS: Don’t tell me that here, secrets must stay hush-hush ~)


I would like to beta test your game. May I?

Nods slowly

I already gave you a message 3 days ago, to which you also replied.
Never got a feedback, though…


I would love to beta test your game!

I’d love to beta-test for you

Thank you everyone for your interest and help!
I updated the game and you can now continue a bit more. I hope to write more than just a few scenes during the week end.