Imon's Possible CSComp Entry


Hey guys, so this is one of the possible story-lines I’m thinking about for my CSComp entry. It’s still in written form right now, with no choices or branching since I’m just fleshing out the idea.

The idea is still in it’s baby phase so any feedback at all is helpful. PM me for the link


Please, for the sake of us judges, don’t post links to or titles of your possible CS-comp entry on the public part of the forum. Move it to a PM-thread instead, and then invite people to that one.


Whoops, sorry. @fairy recommended I open a thread and I thought this is what he meant…sorry.


Imon, you ask people to PM you for the link. Then send anyone who PMs you it.


ohhhh, that’s a
what you meant. Ill do that then. Sorry for the confusion


Just edit the first post of the thread if you need to. :slight_smile: I changed the title because we’re not even supposed to post the title of our game, that way the judges won’t know who’s who.


And I think I’ll post a little reminder about that on the CS Comp thread, too, as other writers may be looking for beta testers soon. Please don’t think it’s aimed at you, though. ( : Just a reminder for folk ready to have some outside eyes.


Okay so the draft of the “storyline” is done, taking any PMs rn for a quick read.