CSComp 2016- OScott - 2nd Opinions?

Yes, I know. It’s the final countdown, or nearing it, and it’s probably bad form to do this at the eleventh hour.

However… I have something vaguely resembling a game, but I’m still trying to decide whether or not to even submit the darn thing. So, uh… if some folks want to blast through it and give me a ‘yea’ or a ‘nay,’ it’d be greatly appreciated.

Hit me up, I guess, if this sounds like a good time. More information will be given in PM, of course, given the need for secrecy and whatnot.

And, uh… thanks in advance.

edit: Welp. Apparently there’s a powerline down near my house or something. Whatever the cause, I have no power, so I have no wifi, so… I can’t upload anything anywhere at the moment, which means I can’t send a game link to the fantastic folks who’ve volunteered their time for me.

Ain’t life grand?


Oh, come on. IIRC the winner of last year barely got past the character introduction (which was pretty awesome, but still). If you’ve got something, just submit it, and we’ll see how that’ll turn out. And even if you don’t win any of the official prizes, you will without a doubt get a lot of praise from the community. This isn’t the kind of competition you can actually lose. Some just win a bit more than others.