Lordirish presents 2nd Annual CScomp

So we have ironed out the details and set the comp. for the month of May. Right now we are still looking for five Judges. I am very happy to announce that @MaraJade is a Judge for the comp (@CJW might be). You may sign up now, but the comp. does not open until May 1st. Please review the rules.


It seems I errored, @CJW said he would judge if he was not going to enter. So for now we have 5 slots open until he decides which way he wishes to go. I would love to have him enter, but would also think he would be an awesome judge. So eighter way is good in my book. ^^

I personally feel that the being in Cog for atleast six month is unnecessary

@Prototype There reason is simple. I was flooded last year with requests to be a judge from new users that had not been on the forum more then two post. I should say this not a hard rule and can be bent some. I don’t enjoy telling people no, but if there is no track record, then it is difficult to base their reactions to others on the forum. They may make a good judge, yet I have nothing to draw on to make that decision.

I’d like to volunteer to be considered as a judge where can I sign up that?

@817819 Thank you. I will be happy to add you as a judge. I will add you to the list later today.

Thank you

Im going to join as a writer

@PORT3R Looking forward to your submission. :slight_smile:

@Lordirish We can register as writers now? This long afore the competition, I mean.

@Malebranche I put this up to find judges, but yes you’re welcome to sign up now.

@Lordirish I’d like to sign up then.

@Malebranche Great looking forward to it.

I would like to compete as a writer. Going along well on my first CoG game, and it should be out to the public before this competition, so I will be all ready to grab the theme and run with it.

@cottage14 lol run hard as last year we had a lot of great games submitted Good luck.

After the games for the competition are finished and the competition is over, do the games end up here on the site?

@Doctor I think only if the writers want to

We hope to show case all the games submitted, but the writer does have the option to say no to sharing their work. Many would not sign up if forced to show their games.

where can I sign up?

Despite potentially getting (a fair chunk of) prize money, it sounds like people still want to distribute their game commercially afterwards.
If I enter, I’ll strive to provide a free version of my submission for the forum to play - but I can’t speak for anyone else. Most competitions like IntroComp, IFComp etc mandate that you provide a freely playable version - I’m still in support of this competition doing the same.

If people want to add to it and rerelease a commercial version afterwards, fair shout - but I think it would be nice if the forum community got something out of this competition too.