So who all is entering the CoG Contest for Interactive Novels?

I assume many folks are secretly working on their submissions, and I’ve been rather secretive about mine as well, but curiosity compels me to ask who else is throwing their hats in the ring? :womans_hat:

I know people will want to keep their story ideas private or known to only a select few (I’m in that camp as well), but I thought that a sliver of accountability, created merely by publicly acknowledging that an author is planning to enter the contest, might provide a small push forward. I am only about 12,000 words into mine, but I am in love with the plot, setting, and characters (not quite as much as CCH but they are quickly growing on me).

I suspect there will be a ridiculous number of entries, and I know those odds seem steep, but even if an entry doesn’t place 1st-3rd, the author probably still finished a pretty damn good HG which is an accomplishment in of itself.


Good luck. I’ll be submitting The Magician’s Task [changed from Foundation of Nightmares] for the contest. So far I don’t have anything written for it, really, but I do have some characters in mind and a plot outline.


Good luck Eric! I’m submitting my Chronicles of Hallarmuli, once I revise it 104892930294892 times cuz I hate my writing​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. I only have chapter 2 written and 1 coded but I am determined o finish it.


Once again, I was about to say “But that list is public!!” and realized you weren’t talking about the CSComp next month. :sweat_smile:

I am hoping to submit Monsters of New Haven High to the contest in January of next year. I can’t tell you for sure whether it will be done by then, so whether I’m your competition is a wild card. I am definitely a strong competitor, in the running, but if I fail before the final lap (as happened in so many classic race cartoons) - GO CS-coder, GO!


@Sashira, okay I created a more specific title to avoid any more confusion. (to be fair, you were the only one who was confused, but still…) :slight_smile:

I am so excited to play all of these games! Whoever wins the contest, I feel like I am going to be the actual winner.


I’m hoping to enter; I have a full outline and about 25,000 words written. And one hundred pages of research notes.


I do have a premise, outline, and even some chunks written for another story of my own that I started brainstorming once the contest started, HOWEVER the SYP sequel takes precedent . Not only because I want that out first anyway, but because I feel my brain power (given my limited writing schedule due to work) can really only focus on one project at a time. I’d rather have one well-written and complete game and no contest entry than two half-assed incomplete games. :sweat_smile:

So, we’ll see. Time is ticking and if I were to get the jump on this and make more progress, I really need to get to it. But getting ready to test beta for HHWT is more important.


There were 22 hosted games published last year. I don’t think the contest is going to get more then 30 entries total – and of those I think you will have a fair number of people who enter games that don’t meet the requirements.

I mean, you and all the other optimists could be right, but I dont know that the possibilty of winning 5,000$ is going to bring in too many people that werent already considering – or more likely already in
the process of – writing a HG.


I was hoping to, but it’s looking pretty unlikely that I’ll have anything finished in time, unless I put the brakes on my ambitious project and try something else :disappointed_relieved:

So I’ll just join the @Gower club and feel like a winner for getting to read whatever gets in :smile:


Lol I’m in the same boat where I love the plot, setting, characters but I just don’t like the tone that I’m writing in. I think I’m just focusing a little bit hard on it. I think I’m about 20k words in and I’m kinda scared, knowing how long it takes to complete a story especially CoG style.

But I do wish all of you good luck.


Just need to do the following…

  • Probably learn how to use Choicescript.
  • Actually pick one of the three story ideas for games I have had for ages and plan it out with the characters.
  • Make time to write it and not get super distracted.

Otherwise I’m totally golden. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I’m hoping to pick something and map it out at least, and maybe the next one of these I can try writing for when I feel more confident about it. It’s great as a reader to know a lot of great games might come out of this regardless. :slight_smile:


You’re so impressive with your pedantic(ness) and research!


This describes my situation, although I’ve re-written my material so often, that I must have written 100,000 words in total. Most, if not all, I most likely will be re-writing and discarding again and again :slight_smile:


I’ve been spending more time on writing my world’s history than on writing the actual storyline :sweat_smile:


FWIW, at present there are 354 people subscribed to our Contest Updates mailing list: I think that’s probably the upper bound on how many people could possibly submit entries. I’m guessing we’ll get dozens of entries.

IMO, that means that each entrant who follows the guidelines has a very good shot at winning!


I was planning on entering A Witch in Suburbia but unfortunately I haven’t had the time to work on it :frowning: I’ve been too busy with school to do much with it and thanks to that, I’m a little too creatively burnt out to really do much work on basically anything totally original. I’ve been doing a lot of fanart for other games and WIPs and have one fanfic written and another two in progress, but beyond that, basically all my creative power has gone into classwork :pensive:

I’ve got the worldbuilding pretty much down and now I can work on the story (or at least I could if I had taken less classes this semester). I’ll have plenty of time to write over the summer since I won’t be taking summer courses, but if my fall semester goes anything like this current one, it looks like I won’t be able to finish it in time for the deadline :cry: If I don’t, I’ll be submitting it to Hosted Games though


I’m Australian, so I can’t enter. I’m actually kind of relieved, because there are some reeeeeaaaaalllyyy good writers in this thread and I’d hate to have to kill them all.


I’m planning on entering if I’m able to finish my project by then (this remains to be seen):smile:


Not sure with work and college if I can finish mine in time. Plus, I switch game as I am now writing Golem Stone. I realized a little late the game I was working on did not have enough to it to reach the size requirements.