I am looking for three judges for this. You must read the rules and “PM” me only if interested. I will post when all three slots have been taken. Good luck to all.

Ok I have one judge, still need two more.

i have questions about being a judge…

Please pm your question.

I’m interested in entering as an author. I don’t know if i have to PM you or not.

@Farside No this is fine. As long as the CoG team does not mind then just placing you info here is good. If I should here other wise it may go to pm or email.

What information will you need?

Nothing right now, I will give more detail around the 1st.

Seems I did not proof read the rules, sorry about that got in a hurry. Will fix spelling tomorrow night, but need sleep so good night all.

I thing I need to add to the rules, you cant have more then an outline for your game until the official start date Feb.1st.

I have hopefully spotted all the poor grammar. If not please let me know. I have also added the submission guidelines, and the score card. This way you know how you will be judged. Since this is my first competition feedback is always welcome. We now have a second judge, would like to find one more.

*Edit We have a third Judge now.

A point…

Open to CoG writers only. - Which? Commissioned CoG writers? Those who will be published under a contract with choice of games? Or just those who are using Choicescript? Or ANYONE whom writes and previews their stories on the CoG forums/sites?

Judges will not be revealed until the close of the contest. - I’d protest against that personally, judges should be announced prior to submissions and should be in theory, independent from bias and from any affiliations to any game/works etc. Furthermore, having them announced prior will allow all to point out any affiliations. There are some people on here, not meaning to be offensive, whom if they were judges I’d be a bit miffed…

Having had a look at the rules it really does seem like you just want choicescript games, but I’ll leave these points here in case you are after a wider audience.

@RVallant Thank you for pointing this out. To clarify, any writer that uses the CoG format. I will fix this in my next update. And to the judges being announced, I will take up with my judges and any that would also like to comment on this. Thank you again.


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Is there an established deadline yet? I would be interested in this if we’re given a bit.

Edit: Nvm, I looked above lol.

I already learned a lesson. The judges will be made public. It seems @Roslyn_samalto6 and @akatuki9344 feared that @Farside was going to be the only contestant. Their intentions were well meaning, but not appropriate. I have couched them on this, and apologize for any misdirection this may have given. I have let them know that judges will be public from now on and they have consented to as much. The third judge did not part take in this and I am waiting to hear back from them if they still wish to be a public judge before releasing their name. I still think they will make good judges and believe no real harm was done. If there is any concern please pm me to let me know. I have updated the rules to reflect this change. Thank you.