Chronicler Christmas Contest!


^ say that 3 times fast…

Greetings fellow Choice of Gamers, It is my pleasure to announce a CoG short-story contest!


  • Deadline January 10th 15th 11:59pm PST
  • Must contain a reference to a winter holiday (Make one up!)
  • Must be developed using Chronicler: [Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor
  • Only completed stories will be eligible to win prizes
  • Post a reply to this topic if you wish to enter

That’s it! You’re free to make it as long or as short as you see fit. Just remember that you only have 4 weeks to complete it! Up to 2 submissions per individual or team are allowed.


(Heroes Rise expansions count as individual games)

Voting will be held From January 11th to January 31st. A poll thread will be linked to from here with all submitted games. The game with the most votes at the end of this time (along with my own judgment) will be declared the winner along with their second and third place counterparts.

Submissions may be uploaded at dashingdon’s free choicescript hosting: Dashingdon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting
Upon successful upload, email me at with a link to your game and attach your .chron file. The subject line must contain Chronicler Christmas Contest.

.chron files will NOT be shared publicly. If privacy is still a concern, then a “demo” project containing only your first scene will still be accepted.


May you all have a wonderful holiday and happy Chronicling!

[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor

Sorry for the broken links everybody, this forum doesn’t like html for some reason…

They are fixed now


Yay, yet another competition :grin:

Sadly I doubt I’ll have the time to actually finish something, in part because of a busy schedule, in part because I’m quite terrible at keeping stories short. It gave me a good excuse to download Chronicler though, so I’ll at the very least give it a spin to see if it suits me.

@BenSeawalker Good luck with organizing this competition, and I hope there’ll be a lot of contestants/fun things to read at the end of it.


That’s too bad… But if you do get something done, feel free to post it finished or not.

Thanks for your interest!


Greetings everyone, I would like to suggest that all those participating in the competition post a short message stating their intention.

If less than 5 participants have entered by next Friday I may have to reluctantly cancel the competition ):


  • BenSeawalker


Greetings, @BenSeawalker, I am a new poster but not reader, and I thought I would give your tool a whirl. Whether anything comes out of it remains to be seen, I fear. First time trying my hand at this. There is indeed a first time for all things, true, yet for some more than one, such as a time traveller stuck in a loop with no recollection thereof.


I shall attempt to enter in a timely fashion. If nothing else I hope this vague promise, or threat, of an entry might spark more certain ones. Time will tell, as a clock tells time.


I, as well, want to participate! Let us know if its cancel though :confused:

Wonder which of so many stories I shall translate to english :smirk:


@Taylor_Enean & @ShadowBroker

Thanks for your interest! I look forward to both your contributions.

I’ve decided not to cancel the contest. If only two people enter then they get 7 games apiece (14 total, all that I was going to purchase anyway)

I don’t believe that should be an issue though, considering the 12 new downloads of the launcher, and it’s been used in “online mode” roughly 10 times per day since I started the contest.

Also depending on how much work I manage to get done on the new version of Chronicler, I may enter the contest myself with a story I’ve been bouncing around in my head the last couple of weeks. (I’ll be excluded from the prize pool of course haha)


Mmm your program makes my PC to overheat O_O

I dowload it on my PC and now I started to write but by time to time I have close it so my PC doesn’t shutdown to cold itself back again >_<

I read the rules, there is a story I read in the winter holidays and I was interested in pass it to a game… Does that counts? :slight_smile:

Eager to see all the works together!!


@ShadowBroker Well, that’s unfortunate… I run it on my laptop without overheating problems. Do you have a can of compressed air for electronics to dust out your fans? If they are dusty, doing so will drop your temps at least 20 degrees F.

A trick you might use is to just write the story bubble snippets in notepad and copy/paste them into Chronicler.
That should greatly reduce the time spent running Chronicler as you just use it to develop the logic / flow of your game.

That’s perfectly acceptable as an entry. The only stipulation is that it include a reference to a winter holiday, how “original” the idea is is irrelevant. Besides converting any story to a game will allow plenty of room for creativity and uniqueness. (:


Good ideas you gave me and a good story I will give in return! (Hope so :slight_smile: )

Thank for the advises!


Thank me when I hand it it, @BenSeawalker, not before. :sweat_smile:

I shall try my very best, it shall be short but silly.

The world needs more silly. I’m serious. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then I shall write a Dramatic one! So we have all the genders cover…

Wonder what @BenSeawalker has under the sleeve :smirk:


Something dark but witty ala “Welcome to Nightvale”


All genders, @ShadowBroker? I thought silly covered them all. Then again, so does dramatic. As do any other word, come to think of it. We’re all the same since we’re all unique! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dark and witty, as in It was a dark and witty night?


Not sure if silly but we both truly can share madness :wink:

But if we are all the same and all unique, what makes us unique makes us the same… Impressive.


Quite sure you two mean “Genres” not “Genders”

-2 points for the two of ya! :wink:


Maybe we do… maybe we don’t. Who knows?


Now your just being “silly”


Now that is something you have me offended… if that is the correct way to spell it (Damn english)

But if there any creature on Earth to be qualified as “Silly” would be our mutual mad friend @Taylor_Enean