Upcoming CoG Games on Steam 2022

It was about time I cleaned up the list and a bunch of stuff to look forward to on Steam. This is a combination of CoG, Hosted Games, and Heart’s Choice.


A single new entry:


Wooo, more Community College Hero! Also, Lies Under Ice looks interesting, anyone who played the demo/beta-tested/whatevs have any takes?


This is great. :heartbeat:

By the way, what happened to the forum stickies for the upcoming Choice of games and Hosted games lists?


Glad to see that Stars Arisen has a tentative release date. I normally enjoy Hosted games more than CoG’s own titles, but the WiP for this one is fantastic and I’m sure it’ll be a favourite. Wishlisted!

I’m not sure who the ghostly figure in the title art is meant to be, though? My first thought was Vivian, but the figure has quite a feminine body shape.


Those threads go away at the end of the year after every game they’ll publish for the year is out, and then the threads for the following year go up closer to New Year’s.


It’s exciting to get more CCH content out and I’m equally pumped about what looks to be an awesome 2022 for Hosted Games.


Ooh Nikola Tesla is the one I’ve been waiting for…I really like the WIP oh before I forgot Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :tada::confetti_ball:


Just spotted another single entry.


2022 is gonna be AWESOME!!!

Relics 2, Sword of Rhivenia, TWO Community College Heroes, Zombie Exodus, Golden Rose 1, Keeper of Midnight!

And I’m still hoping for Sera’s Wayhaven 3 and maybe Gower could gimme Jolly Good 2? Hmm? Sera and Gower? Hmm? Yes?

Lies Under Ice also caught my eye, anyone who played the demo/WIP got any takes on it?


I don’t think many people have played Lies Under Ice yet (other than me!) but I daresay there will be chances for betas etc pretty soon. I’m happy to answer questions about it. Genre-wise its science fiction with a mix of intrigue, action, political wrangling and moonbase building.


I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time. Glad to see there will be something happening soon.


I could use some more sci-fi in my CoGs, so that’s a plus. So are intrigue (hopefully mystery-solving handled similarly to Pon Para’s traitor finding?) and base-building.

I don’t really have any specific questions about it, not until I try out a demo or something. Right now, the only question I’d have would be “is it good?”, and let’s face it, you’re not gonna tell me it’s not. :laughing: I mean, I bet if I asked Ridley Scott if Prometheus was good he’d tell me it was, contradicting all evidence and murdering the very essence of truth.

This isn’t going to be like Prometheus, right? I mean, the people at the moonbase will actually display a basic level of competence at their jobs, right?


I’m so hyped, I remember chatting with you about it at AdventureX what feels like a million years ago - it sounds so cool!


I’m not sure exactly how it works under the hood in Pon Para, but in Lies Under Ice often the intrigues are things that you can be on either side of depending on your goals. The faction system in the game means that in some playthroughs, depending on your choices, groups are going to be antagonists who in other playthroughs were allies.

Haha, I haven’t seen the film so I can’t make a direct comparison, but I don’t think the conflicts in Lies Under Ice particularly involve incompetence (from the player or NPCs). People are generally good at their jobs but they want opposing outcomes. For example, some people are dead set on terraforming the moon, others want to leave it pristine. Both the player and NPCs can take drastic steps to get their own way.

Thanks, and it does feel like a lifetime ago! This has taken a long time to simmer.


Thanks. I’ll definitely check it out when it becomes check-it-outable.

You are a luckier man than I.

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The other Community College Hero’s Steam page is now up:


Another one I’m looking forward to, book 5 of Hyuga


I really enjoy reading tight ad copy! Devon does a good job without giving away too much. I’m afraid I give away too much with the whole “your school is destroyed thing” but I guess it’s not too much of a spoiler.


Each author’s splash (I feel) fits their game…

Don’t sell yourself short, Eric. Your game has always had more of a serial feel to it, meaning the splash content giving details feels spot on.

Devon has a lot of good to teach everyone, unfortunately for me, my journey with Samurai of Hyuga ended with book 4.