CoG games coming out on Steam later in Dec. 2015

I was looking through upcoming games on Steam, and noticed these games coming from Choice of Games in the next month

Dec. 4 2015 (this Friday)

Pendragon Rising:

Community College: Trial by Fire

December 18, 2015

Choice of Kung Fu


Nice heads up :smiley:

Edit but you got the wrong year :stuck_out_tongue:

I fixed the title. The perks of being an old timer!

Now I must go check out the Pendragon trailer.

Pendragon looks like it might keep us entertained until Guinevere can be finished up and released :smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: Corrected. Heh, only excuse is I am doing too much tonight (seeing the upcoming stuff was a minor break ^_^)

Ooh Choice of Kung Fu. Have that one, quite enjoyed it.

Agreed on Choice of Kung Fu. Should be more fox girls in games.

CoG, add that to your official criteria. Chop chop.


I second that motion.

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I thought Pendragon would be set at the same time as King Arthur but it looks like it’s not? (I usually like stories based around the legend if they’re done well). From the trailer I got a feeling of it being more of a similar medeval type setting rather than based around the legend itself? (Not sure if anyone saw the beta test just curious, I can always wait until the release :smiley: )

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Do you know around when? I must admit I’m quite excited to see new titles here and I wonder if its going to be on the appstore around the same time as on steam.

Pendragon and CCH are both scheduled to release tomorrow on all the platforms.


Awesome. I remember trying community college heroes back when the first demo came up and I’m happy to see you published it! Good luck :slight_smile:

The two games for tomorrow seem quite interesting. A bit short maybe for Pendragon but if the story is good it’s not such a problem.

Definitely looking forward to the two games being released tomorrow. I’ve already added them both to my Steam wish list, just so I don’t forget.

Let me know your thoughts on Community College Hero if you end up snagging it, @bookworm37. I’ll start a new Hosted Games thread for it tomorrow to get feedback.


I never did play community college hero, not even the demo (Was there a demo?). But, it looked pretty cool. I’ll definitely have to snag it when it pops up.

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I’m so looking forward to community college hero! I got so excited because I thought it’s already been released (it’s already friday here) and then I remember timezone exists :cry:. Still hyped tho!

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@OdicHastings, yes I had a pretty busy WiP thread for about a year. But the game has been in varying degrees of “completeness” since about April so the final changes were done in private since then.

@Anya_A, I’m glad you’re hyped! I am too! I will probably have a hard time sleeping tonight. :grimacing: And yes, time zones are evil (but necessary because of the rotation of the Earth and whatnot).


@HornHeadFan That’s cool your game is coming out on steam as well :slight_smile: Hope it does well!

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Super excited to play your game. I haven’t tried it since early on in the open beta, I can only assume it’s been through some changes since then.