Most anticipated COG games of 2018?


I know that the list isn’t too long, but what games/almost-fully-completed WIPs do you all look forward to in 2018? There’s too many to count for HG for me, but on the COG front, it’s a tossup between Platinum Package and Choice of Magics. Kevin is a virtuoso, but I’ve always been a fan of Emily Short.


The only option I can pick is honestly Choice Of Magic.

Choice Of Robots is, without a doubt, the best game when it comes to the CoG brand. And Choice Of Alexandria, while not living up to the same amount of quality as Robots, was still a good game in my opinion.

And now here he is, making another book that’s on one of my favourite genres. How can I not be hyped?


throws confetti ALL OF THEM! Seriously. Even the ones I don’t know yet. lol :grin:


Choice of Magics, THP: Open Season, Merc Life in the Magic City, and Fielder’s Choice.


For me it’s Merc life in magic city and Choice of magics

for HG games - The great tournament 2 and Highway wars ( these are the games that are on the upcoming list )

Edit : The list has been edited and I am confused as hell right now - soo much good things out there


Welp, for me it’s gotta be Choice of Magics!


Merc Life is being written by a friend of mine, so I am not exactly objective here, but she is a really, really good writer, so I’d pick that one as my number one most anticipated.

Choice of Magics–that’s an gimme. I am also looking forward to Boulderpeople a good deal.


Lucid’s The Last Wizard & Hero of Daria, provided they come out in 2018 as scheduled.


Choice of Magics without a doubt!


Probably SoH 4, if it’s going to be release next year.


Choice of Magics! It’s going to be mental - hopefully it can help to give CoG / HG some more exposure!

Samurai of Hyuga 4… hopefully!

Not sure what Alana Joli Abbott is up to these days but hoping she’s still writing IF - would love more stories in the vein of Choice of Kung Fu or Choice of the Pirate!


Only official or hosted. If we count hosted I’m potentially looking forward to a lot of the current WIP’s.

Most universally anticipated by me would probably be the return of Vendetta and the Myrmidon, though that may sadly not happen.

As for active WIP’s on the forums, I would vote for @RenaB 's “Model Citizens”, @AlexClifford1994 's “United we Stand” and “Keeper of the Sun and Moon”. However these are all still WiP’s with uncertain completion dates.

As for the finished projects currently in the queue , the Wayhaven Chronicles tops the list for me, just hope that it will be on Steam for the desktop dinosaurs like me. In addition I have faith that the sequel to “Evertree Inn” will come out somewhere in 2018, though sadly that one isn’t a public WIP on these forums.

Lastly almost all WiP’s I’m active in, such as Gladiator and Villains are also games I’m very much looking forward to. Oh and how could I forget @ParrotWatcher’s “Totem Force”, which seems to be both very near to completion and yet so far from it as well.:wink:


Don’t forget about all the contest entries. From @Samuel_H_Young’s entry to the @SharpOne and @TwoSharp entry, I anticipate a lot of good stories to be submitted. There is a definite dark horse by @Fiogan that is looking awesome too. @Lucid is always a tough competitor in the contests he enters too.


I am hoping for a 2017 release for TWC but if not, TWC and SoH 4 all the way. XD


Almost finished? Community college hero 2, keeper of sun and moon and probably villains.


Dunno, been outta the loop for a while; but i did enjoy playing Tally Oh recently


Of course not. But as of now I’m kind of biased towards “Villains” when it comes to those, unless yours is going to figuratively blow me out of the water (and our poor mc’s in it probably literally, given that IED’s are one of your stated hazards). :wink:


I’m intrigued by Platinum Package and Bad Love: Boulderpeople, though we don’t know too much about either. I’m sure Choice of Magics will be good, but while I am ever blown away by Choice of Robots as a game, it’s never been my cup of tea, personally. Choice of Magics will like as not be done in a similar style, so while I’ll definitely buy it and try to get all the achievements, I don’t anticipate that it’ll be my favorite of 2018.

That said, I didn’t think I’d be that interested in Tally Ho, but it’s one of my favorites this year. I love being surprised like that.


Choice of Magics, but also Wayhaven (idk if it’ll be released late this year or early next year so!)


From CoG:
Only Choice of Magic by @kgold

From HoG:
Fallen Hero by @malinryden
Community College Hero 2 by @Eric_Moser
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite
Sordwin (Evertree Inn sequel) by @ThomB

HoG games that I don’t know if will be complete next year:
Lords of Infinity by @Cataphrak
Keeper of the Sun and Moon by @daydreamsincolor
United we Stand by @AlexClifford1994