Favourite unpopular CoG?


I wanted to bring some of the lesser-known published HG and CoG to the spotlight with this discussion. Among my favourites are:
The Race
Popcorn, Soda…Murder?

So what about you?


Mine are

1.) Eerie Estate Agent
2.) Apex Patrol
3.) Choice of the Star Captain


Hmm, not sure what would and wouldn’t be classified as ‘Unpopular’, but if I had to guess, these favorites of mine would be considered as such:
Apex Patrol
Marine Raider
Paradox Factor


Probably anything that isn’t Heroes Rise, Way Walkers, Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Broadsides, Choice of Romance, SLAMMED!, Choice of the Deathless, Choice of Kung Fu, Unnatural, Sabres of Infinity, Life of a Wizard, or Zombie Exodus.


1 mobile armored marine
2 Apex patrol
Edit 3 the fleet


I think the fleet was kind of popular as well


Hmm…It’s reviews were only average, and I haven’t seen a lot of mentions or discussions about it in the forums. It certainly wasn’t the least popular, but I don’t think it was popular.


Fair point editing comment to account for the fleet


Do you guys think Choice of the Star Captain is too popular for it to be deemed “unpopular” ? If so, I’d choose Mobile Armored Marine instead


Mobile Armored Marine and Marine Raider


First off… *cue dramatic drum roll … To the City of the Clouds!

Nah, just kidding. That was the one CoG that really shook my confidence, considering it was the first one I paid for.

My favourite non-mainstream CoG will probably be The Fleet. If you consider that popular, then I’ll say Mobile Armored Marine.




Hey, that’s not nice listing games you consider bad in that manner. At least not without explaining which aspects of them you dislike. Regardless of how bad you might think they are, someone has still put time and effort into creating them. How would you feel to have something you’d written spoken of in such a manner?

It’s not cool taking pot shots at To the City of the Clouds either. This is a thread for favourite unpopular games, not games you dislike, so try and keep it on topic.


Point taken.


Sorry, Fairy. I thought it was established why it wasn’t proper for a wide audience in its own thread, but I will list out the reasons it wasn’t quite good now.

Firstly: The stats were few, and of all the stats, only one stat was constantly used.

Secondly: The romance section was extremely uncomfortable. It was just: Okay, pick the body of your ideal romantic interest, and the next thing I knew, a one-night stand was proposed. The Romantic Interests were not really people.

Thirdly: The game was marketed as some sort of Indiana Jones story, but was in reality a comedy of sorts, as long as you catered to a particular style of humor.

That’s the reasons I can remember off the top of my head.

And sorry for “taking potshots at City of the Clouds”. I wasn’t justified, but I was in a poor mood considering that I still can’t uninstall it from my phone and it keeps staring me in the face every time I use Tower of Saviours.


@Wyrmspawn That sounds fair enough, and definitely like you thought of things. I can understand why you’re disgruntled by it and you’ve definitely your reasons. If I knew anything about phones I’d tell you how to uninstall it, but no such luck there.


As for Burn(t) I’d say that the main problems are
1.) There was no customization
2.) There were no stats
3.) There were too many illogical instant deaths

Dead Already
1.) A lot of typos
2.) The clues didn’t connect to the perpetrator, since he was randomized. This makes the whole story very illogical and redundant.
3.) It was too linear


@Samuel_H_Young Okay! Valid points.

Shoo! Back on topic now. :stuck_out_tongue:


On topic, what about you, Fairy? Don’t you have a favourite amongst non-mainstream favourite games?


Nothing on the website. I don’t even know what counts as unpopular. There’s even some of the popular games that I’ve just not played for one reason or another.

There’s a whole lot of Work In Progress games, on the forums, that I’m really looking forward to. I’m really hoping that they actually get finished, since some which look to be abandoned have left me heart-broken.