Ten years of Choice of Games: What are your favorites?

As far as I can tell online, Choice of the Dragon was released on January 2, 2010.

As Choice of Games wraps up its first decade of games, I just wanted to know, which have been your favorites? I’ve only tried about 10-15, so I’d love to find more great ones!

My favorites have been Choice of Robots, Choice of Magic, Creatures Such as We, Deathless: The City’s Thirst, and Slammed!.

What are yours?


I’ve purchased and played nearly every CoG and HG. My favorite CoG are Choice of Robots and Metahuman Inc. favorite Hosted games are Kepler Colony and both Zombie Exodus games


I haven’t played anywhere near enough of them, but of the Choice of Games titles (this is excluding HG and HC, which have published ones I absolutely adore as well), I’d have to say Crème de la Crème, Grand Academy For Future Villains, and Affairs of the Court are my favorites.

Slammed! and Choice of Magics are definitely up there too. It’s super hard to choose just a few!


Oh gosh i have bought alot over the years how can i just pick them all jk :joy:. But top 10 in no specific order.
Lost heir
Hero of kendrickstone
Zombie exodus: safe haven
Choice of robot’s
Choice of vampire
Choice of magic
Tower behind the moon
Tin star
Fallen hero
Choice of rebels
They all have a special place in my heart but choice of vampire is what got me hooked on theses games. :grin:


Of the Choice/ Heart of and Hosted games,.my top 10 are:

Wayhaven Chronicles
Evertree Inn
A Pirate’s Pleasure
Tally Ho
Heart of the House
Magicians Burden
Dragon Racer
Werewolves: Haven Rising
Zombie Exodus

(Disclaimer: I am currently playing IN THE SERVICE OF MRS CLAUS and THE MAGICIANS WORKSHOP and am.totally pleased w both so far :heart:)


Celebrating 10 years with my top 10 releases.

Wayhaven Chronicles
Crème de la Crème
Choice of Robots
Heroes of Myth
Choice of Rebels - Uprising
Tally Ho
7th Sea - A Pirate’s Pact
Werewolves - Haven Rising
Welcome to Moreytown


The Dragoon Saga(Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity)
Fallen hero rebirth
Samurai of Hyuga series
Affairs of the Court
Choice of Robots
Mecha Ace
War for the west
Community college hero series


Oooh I am gonna play your list (well the few I havent) because I think very highly of.your opinion :heart:


Interesting that we both have Wayhaven at number one!


@Jay_Tarrant Of course we do :heart: you are gonna loooove #2!!!


Very partial to Choice of Vampires, as it was the first choice game I ever played (at my fiancee’s behest :P) It was also a great game!

Also quite enjoyed Zombie Exodus and The Mysterious of Baroque.

(Also, Paths to Greatness - but for a very different reason.)


I haven’t played enough games, but I think the one I played the most was Choice of Broadsides. I love that fricking game. That, and The Great Tournament!


ohhh i have played an embarrassing amount of them at this point but i’ll give you my top 10 in no particular order! :slight_smile:
Fallen Hero: Rebirth
A Study in Steampunk
Heart of the House
Choice of the Deathless
Tally Ho!
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
I, Cyborg
Affairs of the Court
The Wayhaven Chronicles

A Study in Steampunk is the only one that’s genderlocked (male) but I have so many feelings about this one! i replayed it recently and it still makes me cry. A Lot. an embarrassing amount, really


My top three, sitting on the same throne and sharing the same glory:

Fallen Hero: Rebirth
Heart of the House
Samurai of Hyuga

Damn I love my Sidestep and my samurai and Dev so much.


Celebrating the end of the Decade with my 10 favorites.

Choices of Robots
Wayhaven Chronicles
ZE: Safe Haven
Tally Ho
The Infinity Series
Community College Hero
A Study in Steampunk
All-World Pro Wrestling
Fallen Hero: Rebirth
VERSUS (The first CoG that I played :grin:)


Adding on my HG and HC top picks:
Fallen Hero: Rebirth (and Retribution when it drops, the alpha is amazing—Malin is really doing great work.)
Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One
All-World Pro Wrestling
and a big shoutout to Dawnfall, as well


I was actually just talking about this not too long ago!

My all time favorite game remains A Study in Steampunk. Even now, years and years after its initial release, I regularly replay it. Alexandra Townsend is one of my favorite characters in any work of fiction, directly influencing more than one of my OCs, and the game itself is just so unbelievably brilliant. Gosh, I could write an entire essay on why I love that game so much, but I won’t, lol.

My other favorite games (in alphabetical order) are:

Affairs of the Court
Choice of the Vampire
Fallen Hero
Grand Academy for Future Villains
The Eagle’s Heir
The Fog Knows Your Name
The Wayhaven Chronicles
Way Walkers University

Gosh, and I know there’s more that I’m forgetting. I can’t wait to see what the next ten years bring us!


The Heroes Rise trilogy will always have a special place in my heart, it was the second title I ever bought and boy did I love it. Same with Psy High (my first one ever!). Currently though I’m absolutely obsessed with Wayhaven…but aren’t we all?


I’ve been lurking around COG since the first four games were the only official ones available. It’s been a long time, lol.
My top three favorites are:

  1. Fallen Hero
  2. Choice of the Deathless
  3. A Study in Steampunk

Lots of people have already talked about the other two so I wanna bring up Choice of the Deathless. I really like it because the game is actually a book I would read even if it were a linear story. The writing style is perfect to me. It doesn’t have as much replayability as other games but the lyrical prose is so beautiful that I don’t get tired of rereading the same things over and over again. It’s the one standout to me in that aspect among all the games I’ve played.

Others I really liked in no particular order

  • Heroes of Myth
  • Fool!
  • Choice of the Petal Throne
  • Samurai of Hyuga
  • Choice of the Vampire All these years later and I’m still devastated about Silas :broken_heart:

My all time favorites for this past decade are (in no particular order)

  • Wayhaven Chronicles series
  • Samurai of Hyuga series
  • A Pirate’s Pleasure
  • Tally Ho
  • Heart of the House
  • Breach The Archangel Job
  • Fallen Heroes series
  • Versus series
  • Mecha Ace

I have yet to finished some CoG/HG/HC titles but pretty sure some of these will be my favorites and looking forward to more titles from HG/CoG/HC.