Best ones so far

Hello everyone.
I am new to choice of games but have been reading this for a while and just wanted to get to know you guys and what you’re best games are so far and what you are hoping someone to make a game about? B-)

Me and my awsomeness. Now onto the serious part probably a war game. I think anything under that would be cool.

My favorite ones are

Choice of the Deathless
Choice of the Dragon
Choice of the Star Captain

Life of a Wizard
Sabres of Infinity
Way Walkers: University 2

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
Choice of Rebels

I also thought I’d point out that I’m the co-author of Colonising Kepler 62e (a WIP) and the sole author of Trial of the Demon Hunter - book one of Demons Among Men (a Hosted Game pending release.) Those are the stories I’d like to see, so I took it upon myself to write them.

Oh about the first part zombie exodus, and marine raider

All the WIPs that i probably will never make

I really like Zombie Exodus, Dragon (Choice of), and Life of a wizard. I really don’t care what people write as long as THEY like what they’re writing and WIPs are still WIPing.

Zombie Exodus, Waywalkers, Life of a Wizard, Choice of Kung Fu, just off the top of my head.

If I had a dream (and any amount of programming and/or writing skill), I’d like to make a wuxia-inspired work. I know CoKung Fu is a thing (I listed it up there for cryin’ out loud), and there’s been one or two others, but I’m still a sucker for that kind of thing.

my favorites so far are

Heroes Rise
Heroes Rise:Hero Project

Way Walker University series
Zombie Exodus

& the ones i’m looking forward to are

Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster
Choice of Villian
Four Guns
Tin Star
Team Zero
Choice of Villian
Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven
Choice of Rock Star
Heroes Rise: HeroFall
Neighborhood Necromancer
Choice of the Viking
Death Reapers Contract

what i am most wanting to see is

something about Musketeers
something like Mad Max
a second part to Slammed

I think it really depends on personal taste. Unfortunately if you like stories about CD racks coming to life to take over earth and the only way to stop them is to take away all the CDs from the rack, you’re out of luck, but I had trouble coming up with an example there and I bet another forum member’s going to tell me of an ancient relic where that plot is reality :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, pick what you think sounds good to you. If the blurb draws you in then play it, see how it goes. Zombie Exodus may be a widely respected and arguably one of the most famous games on the site, but if you don’t like zombies it’s not going to be your cup of tea. Likewise, there are some games that look like they were made in a dump but are still fun for you to play (For me it’s Imprisoned :P).

I want to play zombie exodus safe haven when completed and vendetta also
I love Zombie exodus but I can never complete the oil rig part

@gollum JimD has a tutorial on that part considering it’s actually one of the hardest missions in the game and whenever I play that mission, I always have that tab open. (It’s the second-hardest mission for me; the hardest mission is (SPOILER) going back to Temperance without the military motorcycle (END OF SPOILER) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much for your help ~:>

I actually believe the first discussion I posted was similar to this.

Ha :expressionless: :-?? :-))

@Gollum, on the oil rig, when outside, before going down the bridge or wherever else, check your radio…
\m/ <(RADIO!)

ZE was so incredibly easy i didn’t die in my first playtrough and i had just very high stats

@P0RT3R it’s not very easy when doing the spoiled mission :stuck_out_tongue: Even though my character had high dexterity and was a soldier she kept dying :smiley:

I was a athlete and had almost every stat above 30 but then there only where 3 or 4 parts if im right 3
Still havent played the ending or any of the endings :frowning:

Personally, I think dying’s a lesson in ZE. It’s “You fucked up and your character died, so go gear them back up and get back out there.” I think it’s more satisfactory to get a character who isn’t so apocalypse-worthy to the end.

@CS_Closet’s game Resonance was exceptional, and is well worth playing notwithstanding the fact that it appears to have fallen by the wayside.

I’m also thoroughly enjoying @Havenstone’s Choice of Rebels and @Vendetta’s Vendetta.