What do you think are the top five ChoiceScript games?

I am not looking for a debate, just your opion. This will help me with my current project. Thank you.

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Aren’t there only like, well, five official CoG titles?

Sorry this also coveers projects in the works.

Choice of Broadsides
Choice of Vampire
Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster
Zombie Exodus
Apex Patrol

(Not all made by the CoG staff, but my 5 favorite I have played with the program

Same as above, not all the games I will mention were made by the staff.

  • Zombie Exodus: This game has the right amount of everything. Action, romance; name it and you got it. It gives you the horror, the hold-yourself-together moments that you want. Zombies are definitely the new vampires, and as we know that is not a good thing, but Zombie Exodus sells it and sells it how you want it. I really cannot even think about someone not liking this game; it really has pretty much anything anyone could want while playing a Choice Of game. JimD, you won an internet.
  • Choice of Dragon: Lovely, simply lovely. Witty, humorous, knows what it wants to be… What more can you ask?
  • Choice of Vampire: It feels like an actual choice is being made every time. Your choices (most of the time) have the necessary impact on the future, it makes you wonder what will happen if you keep playing in a certain way. I’m gladly waiting for the second part.
  • Choice of Broadsides: Great, and quite an original theme. Pirates make everything better, you know it.
  • And know I’ll mess up the rules a little bit and say: Paranoia, Imprisoned, Apex Patrol, and The Nightmare Maze.

Choice of the vampire
Zombie Exodus
Vendetta Rise of a gangster
Choice of broadsides
Eight Thrones

Zombie exodus
Born a king

Guess I’ll go with:

Zombie Exodus
Affairs of the Court (cheating?)

Got a few comments to come up:

Choice of the Vampire: The setting of a few decades back is pretty intriguing, the genres have a different array of action, suspense, supernatural, romance and historical fiction in one game. Like living in Virginia, the capital of the Confederate states I believe? Pretty interesting point of view.

Choice of the Dragon: I especially like this one, maybe a bit more than the others. So far, the only one I’ve seen with having to live as a supernatural creature that is mixed with comedy. Action’s great, fantasy’s great, the control of kingdoms is great, the comedy is great, everything’s great!

Zombie Exodus: I like how some jobs have advantages, some might look better than the other in other people’s point of view. Like being in the military is easy mode, being an athlete makes you hit harder using a melee weapon, etc. A good storyline, nicely written and is basically a fruits basket, juicy and full of different things. There’s always a twist waiting around the corner in this CoG.

Unnatural: Although really short, I can tell a lot of work was put into it. Action, horror, supernatural and a possible romance. Exchanging power for humanity and unsure if you can gain that humanity back. I’d love to see this one fruition.

Eight Thrones: Again, really short, but lots and lots of work was put into it. More text and storyline, and less choices to being with, but boy are those choices important. Basically, every choice you make is what your reputation’s foundation. I also like how you start off with a crappy character, and maybe gradually get better? Not like most CoG where you pick your main skills and how good you are at this and that, etc.

Thanks to all who have stated ZE.

My favorites so far are
Choice of Vampires
Choice of Broadsides
The Race

Not in that order necessarily, although CoV is why I got into writing a choice game. I actually wanted to write a vampire-inspired game, based on Vampire: The Masquerade, but didn’t think CoG would publish two vampire games. Kind of funny to then see two zombie games published.

With the two games under development, I love the magnitude of both projects. With The Race, I love the style of gameplay.

I’d also throw Marine Raiders in the mix if I had one more option.

Thanks all this will be nice for the section I am working on.

A vampire game made by @JimD? Can’t say I didn’t get excited. I’d love to see that in the future, when you feel ready for it. Also, VTM, uh? The obligatory question: Favorite clan? I lied, this demans two questions: Favorite faction?

@VoodooDolly I doubt I’d make a vampire game; it was a thought back before ZE. I have two games already in the pipeline.

But my favorite clan is Assamite, though I’d probably make a game around the Sabbat.

Toreador forever, baby.

@JimD Two new games? Oh, what a tease. Care to elaborate in a private message, perhaps? I do not want to have a conversation here about your new games; it might interrupt the flow of the original topic.

@Havenstone Toreador can be interesting if done right, and are the easiest to play, but my favorites are Salubri and Malkavian. And the Daughters of the Cacophony, a little. Faction related, I’d say independent; however, if I had to choose I’d go Camarilla. Manipulation, babes, the corporate ladder and you know it.

Lol @VoodooDolly when has anything stayed on topic here.

Sorry @Lordirish – didn’t mean to derail it.

@JimD lol it’s fine. You never know I may learn something new or get a new plot bunny out of it. Though the heavens know I have a farm full now. I have at least 7 more stories that are at the top of my list I want to work on I have three outlined fairly deeply, if I can ever finish the one I am working on. I am just to slow with the coding lol.

I’ve never played V: The Masquerade,
But after reading about it online I would play as a Kuei-Jin, (with the Kindred Of the East book) Malkavian, Assamite, or Ravnos.
Also, i would really enjoy a vampire game by you, and I would also like to see what your newest games are going to be like in a PM along with VoodooDolly.

Tremere forever.

Kuei-jin is orientalist bullshit although… Bone Flowers are quite cool.