Favorite CoG


Life of a Wizard


Choice of the dragon


choice of dragon


Published right? Choice of the Vampire



  1. Wizard’s Choice(No, not life of a wizard!)
  2. Choice of Dragon
  3. Zombie Exodus


choice of broadsides


In no particular order.

A Jinni of the Seven Winds
Zombie Exodus
Waywalker’s University

And I liked Choice of Dragon.


I can’t choose!


I always favored Choice of Broadsides

  1. Choice of the Vampire
  2. Choice of Kung Fu
  3. The Race
  4. Choice of Broadsides
  5. Waywalker’s University


Choice of the Star Captain


Assuming this is official games:

  • Choice of the Vampire & Choice of the Dragon

For different reasons.


Choice of the Vampire and Zombie Exodus.


The Affairs of Court


zombie exodus


Choice of Broadsides, and Affairs of the Court.


Choice of the Dragon. It best captured the unique style of a CoG, but if you want a better literary style, Choice of the Vampire has the rest of them beat.


Choice of the Vampire: Far and away my favorite, due to the compelling setting, the literary style, and the fact I absolutely love modern(ish, I guess!) fantasy where a genre or time period is reinterpreted through a fantastic lens.

Other than that, the Race (are we including that, or official Choice games?) was great due to the innovative use of puzzles, and I enjoyed Choice of Broadsides.

That ends it on my freebie faves. :slight_smile: