How did everyone find CoG?

I was just curious on how everybody found CoG, I personally found it because of Alter Ego :slight_smile:


I play one of their game, duh.


a german friend of mine showed me choice of broadsides and choice of the dragon when you could still play them online mostly i started buying them since then


I discovered choice of dragons on my kindle fire

They happened to have a bunch of games on steam. I then found the website and spent far too much money on awesome little fun games in the chrome store :smiley:


I was hooked on Affairs of the Court, when it was still free to play on browser. I didn’t think anything as great as that existed at the time :smiley:


I can remember the place and the date. :slight_smile: I found them thanks to the Jayisgames review.

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found it when I got my iphone & searched choose your own adventure books & came across choice of broadsides

I played marine raider and after playing a few other games of theirs googled choice of games and found the site.

I saw Mecha Ace (I think it was) doing the rounds on tumblr and checked it out, then I came directly here and was addicted…

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I went to college with a couple of the founders. One of them (as well as the author of Psy High) played in a 3 year D&D campaign I led which was thematically similar to Choice of Rebels.

I heard about their startup through the grapevine… and when I got around to playing Choice of the Dragon, I absolutely loved it, and couldn’t resist trying to write one of my own.


A couple of years ago I found something called Choice of Dragons, a Text based RPG game, never heard of something like that so I played it and loved it. I started playing more games an then I found the forum. You know the story from there.

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I found it by complete accident but I’m glad I did😊

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I looked up the developed name to see what people thought and found this

Pretty sure I simply stumbled upon Choice of the Dragon after complaining to a friend about Skyrim’s lack of choice. Particullary choosing between the Graybeards or the Blades and the Imperials or Stormcloacks. After seeing the variety of paths I could take I was rather hooked.

I found Choice of the Dragon on the app store and then looked up the website. That was back when the only official games on here were Dragon, Broadsides, Romance, and Vampire. Wow, it’s been so long…

Found Choice of Games via TvTropes actually. Was doing a bit of a surf in that sight and found the Choice of Games page there.


A friend recommended Sabres of Infinity to me.

I think I was looking for text-based games and zombie-related RPG’s, or some other kind of randomness. So, I found it with Google! I can’t remember for sure why, though; been too long. But then again “last week” is a bit too long ago… :flushed:

I discovered CoDragon and became hooked on unleashing my wrath. At the time, I distinctly remember thinking Choice of Games and Hosted Games were competing companies before I found the site