Which Choice game should I play next?


I already played these:
Choice of Robots (outstanding, liked it a lot)
Choice of Kung Fu (a little bit subpar compared to Robots, disappointed in the simplicity of its ending)
Choice of the Rock Star (okayish, had a feeling the outcomes were forced upon me with not much to do in order to change them)
Mecha Ace (great writing, too bad I couldnt restart from the last chapter to get different endings)
The Sea Eternal (excellent but short, neverthless very good dynamics between the factions, perhaps too much of the gender issues)


I know this belongs in another topic but I can’t find the correct one so I’ll leave that to another -

There are a couple I’d recommend looking into (based on your listing above)

Choice of Alexander is a game by the same author that wrote Choice of Robots

Swords of Infinity and Guns of Infinity are by the same author as MechaAce

The Lost Heir of Daria (1 and 2) is like these mentioned so far.

Tin Star, Showdown at Willowcreek are both awesome.

and on and on.

If you go to the game pages linked at the top of the site you can get samples of each offering… that would help you decide.


You know, I keep thinking the “What should I play next” question could be a sticky (although I know sticky space is VERY limited)

Perhaps a better idea would be to create “select your next game” tab on the main website page to help customers navigate titles as the CoG and HG libraries grow larger and larger. Maybe it could have a drop down menu with author names and more importantly, genres. It could even auto populate suggested purchases based on the customer entering that they liked a certain title. Anything to decrease friction and help customers pick out a new title to purchase!

@jasonstevanhill do you think this would help guide customers or is this sort of thing premature?



try Diabolical, unnatural, metahuman, or the Heroes Rise series through and through


Tin Star is a fun one
I feel like Alter Ego kind of got lost in the midst of other games, idk if this is still relevant, but I like it still
I like Champion of the Gods
Like someone else said, Choice of Alexandria just came out today so it’s on sale and it’s really fun
And I know you didn’t ask for WIPS but I still have to recommend Guenevere. It has good replayability imo.


Nothing’s quite like Choice of Robots for depth and and breadth, alas.

I’ll echo the recommendation for Sabres & Guns of Infinity (Hosted Games).

I’ve also really enjoyed some of the comic games: Choice of the Star Captain, For Rent: Haunted House, and Neighbourhood Necromancer. And if you enjoy the free demos for Orpheus Ruse, Choice of the Deathless, Choice of the Petal Throne, and Psy High, you might find them good value.

Edit: oh yeah, and Community College Hero!


Community College Hero, Pendragon Rising, Choice of the Pirate, Life of a Wizard, Samurai of Hyuga, Lords of Aswick are good one’s to try aswell