Which Choice game should I play next?

Same, Lost Heir is one of my first HG games, Choice of Robots and Magics ones of the best (Robots and Magics author is same btw).

Yep, it finished, (the last episode is really hard though :frowning:) there already new ZE series named Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven too.

What Szaal said :point_up_2: there is online demo.

I don’t think there’s one.womp womp
As for the writing, admittedly it’s not the best in the catalog. In fact, the first few chapters are quite hard to get through.

But sure is the story is super long.

Yeahh I think I’ll pass on Tin Star then. :-1:

You could check out the official Tally Ho thread for a summary and the plot. To speak for myself, it was one of the best COGs I have played. It was funny, it was endearing, you can’t help but love the NPCs, the concept was unique, it is quite lengthy and the replayability value is amazing. Completely worth the price unless you really don’t like comedy, a little slice of life, adventure and romance.

Among recent releases, Werewolves: Haven Rising and Blood Money were amazing, and among the classics, Hollywood Visionary and A Wise Use Of Time are my favorites.


Werewolves and a wise use of time are both very good. Hollywood visionary again falls into something I’m just not interested in. As for Tally Ho, the premise doesn’t interest me very much at face value which is why it’s missed me initially but considering it’s also a comedy and apparently very well written, I’ll probably check it out.

If you do decide to check it out, I’m sure you will be anything but disappointed. It is indeed well-written, even if it’s not the type of story you’d be normally interested in, it will certainly be worth your time and the price.


So that’s Tally Ho, Silver World and Fallen Hero that I’ve picked up so far. :slight_smile:

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I would also recommend I, cyborg. Fascinating story, reminded me of Firefly series.
Everytree inn is also a lot of fun, if you like D&D fantasy, I think. Has detective elements.
The most recent The Magician’s burden is also light and compelling story about every day life of local villiage magician.

The Magician’s Burden sounded good at first has some pretty negative reviews on the Google Play store which I would agree with after reading the demo. Good premise but felt bland and pretty badly written on reading.

I, cyborg is something I’m on the fence about for sure. I might pick it up. Is everytree inn a choice of game? I can’t see it but I like D&D for sure.

It is one of Hosted games. Here for Android.

Ah I couldn’t ctrl+f it because it’s called evertree not everYtree

I might get for sure but I’ll leave it at the three new games I’ve already bought for now. That’s not to say I won’t appreciate more suggestions to keep in mind.

Didn’t even notice my mistake, sorry :no_mouth:

I say all of them :sweat_smile: at least , the ones that aren’t gender locked to male .


Samurai of Hyuuga is good .

Choice of the cat is Hilaaaaaarious ! must read !

Fallen Hero : Rebirth is GOLD!

The Wayhaven Chronicles is soo good ! romance heavy :smiley:

Academy of disaster…

lol like I said…so many XD


Totally. Terrific game, well worth adding to the list.

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Empyrean if you like Steampunk. It’s not quite steampunk, more dieselpunk. It’s by the same author who did Silverworld and it’s well written.


Already played choice of the cat but I only did one playthrough so I should get back to it some time. I’ll certainly keep Empyrean in mind especially if I like Silverworld which I’m going to read right now.

This really depends on you what kind of games would you like to play most. All the best!

I would Absolutely Recommend @Havenstone Choice of Rebels: Uprising. the amount of workl he has put into it shows and it is incredible

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