Which game should I buy?


Hey, guys. I own every choice of games game. Except for four. These games are Choice of the Deathless, Reckless Space Pirates, Mecha Ace and Neighbourhood Necromancer. I’m not sure which one I’d enjoy the most, so I was hoping that someone who’d played any of these games could tell me whether they’d think I’d enjoy it or not. My favourite COG games are Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Broadsides, Life of a Mobster, Life of a Wizard and Fatehaven. I like games with good writing and a few different endings. Thanks!


I would go for Mecha Ace.


I’d recommend Mecha Ace and Deathless both are games I’ve enjoyed alot.


Hmm, alright. I think I’ll go for Mecha Ace or Deathless then. Thanks! :D.


They’re all pretty good, but I’d recommend Deathless.


Alright. I think I’ll buy Deathless, just because it’s cheaper. And next I’ll buy Mecha Ace. Thanks. :).


No problem!


Hell if I had all of them but four then I’d buy all four just to complete the collection.


Orpheus Ruse is actually a bit of a challenge, and not necessarily a good ending. Still haven’t figured out how to be morally upright and get your mentor’s approval - evil was fine, and a lot of fun.

Edit: Would help if I actually read the OP. Deathless would be my favourite out of those four, but Pirates made me get out the paper to scribble on so has that in its favour.


@Caruzzo I will probably end up buying all four. Eventually, but I just wanted to play the best one out of them first. :P.