Recs for a Newb ?....and Thanks

Hello,Im new to Choice of Games (Literally,my account is 30 minutes old lol).I picked up the “Heroes rise” trilogy during the winter sale and finished it yesterday …AND IT COMPLETELY BLEW ALL MY EXPECTATIONS :grin:
I didn’t expect the plethora of emotions that came flooding in for a frigging text based game and Im hooked to the genre now :blush:

So …I just wanted to know if there are any others you guys have enjoyed and recommend

And i would like to say thank you to the writers for giving me an enjoyable experience

Well, Versus: The Lost Ones is written by the same author, so you might like it. The downside to that one is that it’s the first part of a series, and the second part isn’t out yet :disappointed: (And it’s Sci-Fi rather than superhero stuff)

The more generic recommendations would be for Choice of Robots, MetaHuman Inc., Mecha Ace, Community College Hero: Trial by Fire, A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight (gender locked male), Sabres of Infinity (gender locked male), Zombie Exodus and Unnatural. (These are just the fan favorites. There are many more.)

My personal favorites are Unnatural, Versus: The Lost Ones and Yeti’s Parole Officer (That last one is not a fan favorite, unfortunately :cry:)

Welcome aboard! Choice of Robots is my personal fave, along with Choice by Gaslight, Choice of the Star Captain (if you like humorous Sci-Fi), Sabres of Infinity, and Affairs of the Court. As well as Choice of the Dragon, which started it all off…

Seconding Choice of Robots. It’s a pretty exemplary example of a Choice game, in fact you might want to save it for later. It could ruin some of the older ones with how much you might expect.

Zombie Exodus introduced a lot of us, I believe it swept that year’s Interactive Fiction awards.

Since you mentioned the winter sale, I am going to assume Steam. Most of the games on Steam are our best pickings, since higher sales means Valve will continue letting us use the platform. Maybe not Petal Throne or Thieves’ Gambit, haven’t played those myself. Orpheus also has middling reviews which I can see why, it was kind of trippy and after a single playthrough it was hard to muster up the energy to do a second. Which is a rare problem for me in Choice games. Maybe try SLAMMED! next?

TL;DR Sort of…on a technicality.

I believe Zombie Exodus was the game that swept because it was unwittingly announced on this forum as potentially up for an award, and a huge number of well-meaning participants nominated it in every category and I believe spammed the ballot to make it win every category, despite the voters having played any of the other nominated games that year. Since vote-canvassing is not encouraged and the incident was mainly due to enthusiasm rather than malice, it was separated from the other categories and presented with its own special XYZZY award.

My favorite CoGs: Hollywood Visionary, For Rent: Haunted House, and MetaHuman Inc.

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Zombie Exodus was the game that really got me into CoG besides Heroes Rise series.
I recommend Sabres Of Infinity (weird that half the time it doesn’t show up when I search for it on Google Play, but usually find it through looking for Hosted Games), The Lost Heir: Fall of Daria (imo one of the best customization stat wise.), annnnd Choice of a Martial Artist, Choice by Gaslight, oh and Slammed!
Sabres and The Lost Heir both have their sequels coming out this year
gets hype

W…wow I didn’t expect replies so fast :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the recs guys ! Imma browsing steam to pick the stuff u guys mentioned ahahah :yum:
I…i don’t think I’ll be going out for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all~~