How many stories have you read so far?

So far i have read these books/interactive novels

  1. Choice of the Vampire-Choice of the Vampire 2.
  2. Choice of Zombies.
  3. Community College Hero.
  4. Diabolical.
  5. Doomsday On Demand.
  6. Hero Project Redemption Season, Heroes Rise: HeroFall, Heroes Rise: The Hero Project, Heroes Rise: The Prodigy.
  7. MetaHuman Inc.
  8. Neighbourhood Necromancer.
  9. So, You’re Possessed!
  10. The Vampire House.
  11. Unnatural.
  12. Wizardry Level C.
  13. Zombie Exodus.

Bought awhile ago

  1. A Wise Use of Time
  2. The Last Monster Master

those are my reads so far whats your favorite or how many have you bought?

want to just message me directly that is fine

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It’s a long list but I’ve read

Community College Hero, Samurai of Hyuga, Sons of the Cherry, Way Walkers: University, Way Walkers: University 2, Life of a Wizard, Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity, Unnatural, Tin Star
Trial of the Demon Hunter, Life of a Mobster, Fatehaven, Lords of Aswick
The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria, Double/Cross, Dancing with Demons, So, You’re Possessed!, Founders Saga: The Culling, Attack of the Clockwork Army, A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight, The Heroes Rise series, Choice of Kung Fu, Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck, Slammed!, Choice of the Ninja, Mecha Ace, Psy High, Choice of Robots, The Hero of Kendrickstone, Choice of the Petal Throne, Champion of the Gods, Diabolical, Pendragon Rising, MetaHuman Inc., Choice of the Pirate, Choice of Alexandria


did you buy all of them or did you have any that you tried the free version and didn’t buy the whole thing?

I tried the free trials first then i bought them afterwards, not all at once though but i did buy all the games I listed


I’ve played bits of more games than listed below. I think the below’s everything I’ve finished, at least once. (On some occasions this was the beta version and not the finished one though.) There’s other games I’d like to play but haven’t had the chance. There’s some I started and then forgot about and just haven’t returned to.

Choice of the Dragon,
Choice of Broadsides,
Choice of Romance Trilogy
Choice of the Vampire,
Heroes Rise Trilogy
For Rent: Haunted House,
Choice of the Ninja,
Heroes Rise Trilogy
Showdown at Willow Creek
Reckless Space Pirates
Choice of Deathless
Neighbourhood Necromancer
Yeti’s Parole Officer
Thieves Gambit
Psy High
Creatures Such As We
Choice of Robots
The Hero of Kendrickstone
Choice of the Petal Throne
It’s Killing Time
Champion Of The Gods
Versus: The Lost Ones
A Wise Use Of Time
Ratings War
Pendragon Rising
MetaHuman Inc.
Sixth Grade Detective
The Daring Mermaid Expedition
The Sea Eternal

Hosted Games:

Community College Hero, A Study in Steampunk, The Lost Heir One, WayWalkers University 1&2, Paradox Factor, Apex Patrol, Zombies Exodus, Sons of the Cherry


Woah, that really a lot, @reds86 :astonished:

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which group’s stories do you like better?

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I haven’t read that many yet, but here goes…

Community College Hero: Trial by Fire
Choice of Robots
Mecha Ace (died near the end)
Champion of the Gods
Choice of Kung Fu
Psy High
Sixth Grade Detective
The Daring Mermaid Expedition
Choice of the Vampire
Choice of the Dragon
Choice of Broadsides

Plus a couple I haven’t finished yet

This thread was a good excuse to actually make this list… I actually thought it was more than that :smiley:

  1. Champion of the Gods
  2. Choice of Kung Fu
  3. Choice of the Deathless
  4. Community College Hero: Trail by Fire
  5. Diabolical
  6. Guns of Infinity
  7. The Hero of Kendrickstone
  8. The Hero Project: Redemption Season
  9. Heroes Rise: Herofall
  10. Heroes Rise: The Hero Project
  11. The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom
  12. The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria
  13. Sabres of Infinity
  14. A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight
  15. Tin Star
  16. VERSUS: The Lost Ones
  17. A Wise Use of Time
  18. Zombie Exodus
  19. Captive of Fortune
  20. Life of a Wizard
  21. Choice of Romance: Affairs of the Court
  22. It’s Killing Time

I started getting them about a year ago and I’ve ended up with what I posted earlier


I’ll list here the ones I bought:

  1. Samurai of Hyuga (One of my fav! Huge RK fan)
  2. Hollywood Visionary
  3. Mecha Ace
  4. Fate Haven
  5. Champion of the Gods
  6. The Hero of Kendrickstone
  7. The Lost Heir 1
  8. Life of a Wizard (My first one!)
  9. Life of a Mobster
  10. Double/Cross

My favorites are on the top 3. XD


I have read all choices except choice of a ninja. I haven’t all though. I missed 4 I will eventually buy except two I don’t buy for morality reasons .
Hosted I have read all i am interested in that I have bought. That’s almost all really except both of Spanish civil war and some action packed ones. I usually give 5 stars to all just like supporting

  1. A Study in Steampunk
  2. A Wise Use of Time
  3. Black Cat
  4. Choice of Broadsides
  5. Champions of the Gods
  6. Choice of Kung Fu
  7. Choice of Romance
  8. Choice of the Deathless
  9. Choice of the Petal Throne
  10. Choice of the Vampire
  11. Choice of the Vampire 2
  12. Choice of Zombies
  13. City’s Thirst
  14. Community College Hero
  15. Creatures Such As We
  16. Daring Mermaid Expedition
  17. Diabolical
  18. Double/Cross
  19. Fatehaven
  20. Founders Saga
  21. Gangs of Old Camp
  22. Hero Project
  23. Heroes Rise: The Prodigy
  24. HeroFall
  25. Life of a Mobster
  26. Life of a Wizard
  27. Lost Heir 2
  28. Mecha Ace
  29. MetaHuman
  30. Mobile Armored Marine
  31. Pendragon Rising
  32. Psy High
  33. Ratings War
  34. Reckless Space Pirates
  35. Choice of Robots
  36. Sabres of Infinity
  37. Samurai of Hyuga
  38. Scarlet Sails
  39. Showdown at Willow Creek
  40. Sixth Grade Detective
  41. SLAMMED!
  42. So, You’re Possessed!
  43. The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria
  44. The Volunteer Firefighter
  45. Tin Star
  46. Treasure Seekers
  47. Unnatural
  48. Vampire House
  49. Versus: The Lost Ones
  50. Way Walkers
  51. Way Walkers: University 2
  52. Wizardry Level C
  53. Yeti’s Parole Officer
  54. Zombie Exodus
  55. Zombien
  56. The Sea Eternal (not yet finished)
  57. It’s Killing Time (not yet finished)
  58. Heroes Rise: Redemption Season (not yet played)
  59. The Race
  60. Lords of Aswicks
  61. The Hero of Kendrickstone
  62. Imprisoned
  63. Dancing with Demons
  64. Trial of the Demon Hunter
  65. Captive of Fortune
  66. Paradox Factor
  67. Planetary Quarantine
  68. No Proper Thief

Maybe I’ll buy the latest ones too. If I find the time to play them :stuck_out_tongue:


i like how you corrected yourself :smile_cat:
wow i noticed its in Alphabetical order neat


Wait until @EmperorHeartless is finished, he’s making his own list right now.

Prepare for the wall! (70+ games…)

@The_Chosen_Plump it’s because they are on my phone, mostly :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, I am so lazy I just prefer put ones I didn’t read


This is a list of all the games I’ve completed at least once.

  1. Choice of Broadsides
  2. Choice of Dragon
  3. Choice of Robots
  4. Lords of Aswick
  5. A Study in Steampunk
  6. Zombie Exodus (All parts.)
    7-9) Heroes Rise Trilogy
  7. Champion of the Gods
  8. Life of a Wizard
  9. Mecha Ace
  10. Psy High
  11. Choice of Romance (All parts.)
  12. MetaHuman Inc
  13. Choice of the Pirate
  14. Community College Hero
  15. Samurai of Hyuga
  16. Diabolical
  17. Creatures Such as We
    21-22) Lost Heir 1 & 2
  18. Choice of Alexandria
  19. Choice of Zombies
    25-26) Way Walkers:U 1-2
  20. Popcorn, Soda … Murder?
  21. Marine Raider
  22. Tin Star
  23. SLAMMED!
  24. The Hero of Kendrickstone
  25. Choice of the Ninja
  26. Choice of the Star Captain
  27. Choice of Kung Fu
  28. Yeti’s Parole Officer
  29. It’s Killing Time
  30. Fatehaven
  31. The Last Monster Master
  32. Choice of the Petal Throne
  33. The Fleet
  34. Sabres of Infinity
  35. Guns of Infinity
  36. VERSUS: The Lost Ones
  37. The Race
  38. The Nightmare Maze
  39. The Vampire House
  40. Magikiras
  41. Life of a Mobster
  42. Double/Cross
  43. Founders Saga
  44. Mobile Armored Marine
  45. Paranoia
  46. Sons of the Cherry
  47. Apex Patrol
  48. Zebulon
  49. The Volunteer
  50. What Happened Last Night?
  51. Dead Already?
  52. Imprisoned

Ok, now for the games I’m in the middle of playing and/or put down for later.

  1. The Sea Eternal
  2. Hero Project: Redemption Season
  3. Pendragon Rising
  4. Neighbourhood Necromancer
  5. A Wise Use of Time
  6. Hollywood Visionary
  7. The ORPHEUS Ruse
  8. Scarlet Sails
  9. Burn(t)
  10. Dancing with Demons
  11. Trial of the Demon Hunter
  12. No Proper Thief
  13. Attack of the Clockwork Army
  14. Somme Trench
  15. Seven Bullets
  16. Planetary Quarantine
  17. Starship Adventures
  18. Choice of the Rock Star
  19. The Daring Mermaid Expedition
  20. NOLA is Burning
  21. Zombien
  22. Doomsday On Demand
  23. Best of Us
  24. So You’re Possessed
  25. Path of Light (? I played it, but stopped and this was awhile ago. It’s not listed as a CoG or Hosted game on play store though, but it is listed as hosted on the site.)
  26. Wizards Choice (Same with Path of Light. Listed as a Hosted game on sight, but not on play store. Maybe just using CS?)

I think that’s it… I now know why my bank account is empty, and why I never make progress on my WIP or any other kind of work.

Seriously though, I knew I had a lot, but not this much!
If I haven’t listed a game it’s either not available on Google Play, or I’m going to get it at some point anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


if i had enough time to go out and buy google play cards i could go and buy all the stories but i have to spend my time doing work with computer files and my free time is spent reading the actual interactive novels

Yeah, I think I’ve only skipped some of the earlier hosted games or later “not fun to me” HG stuff. I don’t think there’s anything under the CoG label I don’t have spread over steam, the website, and the chrome app store.

These days, the CoG label games I have on “default buy” mode. For the hosted games I will ignore games that are gender locked to male or where the free trial hasn’t grabbed me by the time it tells me I need to pay to continue.

I’ve played all the games I’ve bought at least once.


I recommend you Sabres and Guns . Yes you have to be a boy. But you have a great range to define yourself as you. It is like being male Guenever and Games doesn’t assume you are hetero or something and you could defend women rights or not.