I am forever grateful

I’m new to the forum but I must say…you all have me addicted. I find myself wandering this site multiple times per day. There are a few stories I cannot stop thinking about. I wonder if you all feel the same. I would like to share the top three stories I have read, thus far. In addition, I would like to share my gratitude.

Number 1: The Wayhaven Chronicles - @Seraphinite

Even though this story is still a work in progress, I cannot help but name it as my favorite. I continue to find myself thinking about the story. Wondering where it will go and which love interest my MC will find themselves with (from what I have read on this forum, it sounds like more than one is certainly possible).

Number 2: Heroes Rise series - Zachary Sergi

This series has it all. Superheros, superpowers, villains (to hate or love) and best of all, romance. If I could do the impossible and live in any story, this would be the one I would choose.

Number 3: The Versus series - Zachary Sergi

I cannot even begin to describe this series. I was instantly involved in the storyline within the first thirty seconds. I am eagerly awaiting the third story to the series. Will my MC find a (true) love interest? Will the battle(s) be won?

I was completely unaware of Choice of Games. I was browsing the internet trying to find something else to read/play while waiting for another chapter in Choices : Stories You Choose. Then I found the mother lode.
Right before my eyes a new world appeared. A world that allows me to live in the 1400s or in 2190.

Most importantly, this new world allows me to be me. I am able to have a choice. A gender-choice. Yes, we are finally able to marry a partner of the same sex. However, there is still a majority of society that still sees this as taboo.

To those responsible for letting me escape from my reality: I cannot begin to thank you all enough. In this new world, I am accepted and I am free to choose how my story unfolds. I’m forever grateful. One small request, please don’t stop… EVER.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. You all are amazing.


It is almost like you don’t know what to love reading really is until you find this site.


This site… Is more of a community than anything else. And it is incredible. The only reason I got an email, was to get an account here. Also I play Choices: Stories You Play! What’s your favorite one on there?


Pleasure to meet you, GamerDude.
A community is perfect way to describe this forum.
My favorite Choices: Stories You Choose is definitely the Freshmen. My MC continues to remain faithful to Kaitlyn.
A very close second is the Crown and the Flame. Kenna divides her time between Annelyse and Val.
What about you?

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O man I LOVED Choice of Robots if you haven’t played that one yet you HAVE TO!!! I also like the company Delight Games’s Wizard, Rogue, and Paladin books! Their detective one is pretty awesome, too. I have played so many of these by now I’m having trouble remembering ones that specifically I know for a fact belong to this company. Let’s see… top 3… Choice of Robots is all time #1 for me very very easily… ummmmmm i started to try and write one of my own lately… in small notebook… starts with a guy riding home on a local transit train… staring out the window and commenting on his old dead girlfriend. Sees her ghost staring back at him with darkened eyes when he gets home in the window. Likes it. (or your choice etc.) let’s see let’s see let’s see oh yeah i really liked that new russian demon mark story. didn’t you think that was so cool? :smiley: i know i did. ummmmm


COMMUNITY COLLEGE HERO (the forum computer is making me write a complete sentence here)


also look up The Magium in google play you will thank yourself later for reading it!!! :smiley:

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Same! This site is probably the best way to use my free time (or procrastinate). Even though I have to finish projects for finals my mind can’t stop wandering here :sweat_smile: My top three fave are:

  1. A Study in Steampunk
    This game stopped my text-based game frenzy for a while because I’m afraid the next story won’t be as good as this. It’s just that good.

  2. Choice of Robots
    This game give me existential crisis. And robots!!!

  3. Mecha Ace
    Gotta love them mechas.


Well, I am certainly glad to hear you’re enjoying the Choice of Games. :slight_smile: I have to agreee with you about @Seraphinite’s work; it’s absolutely splendid! If you want to try out another WIP, I would absolutely recommend Children of the Gods by @Rohie or Guenevere by @jeantown. Very long and enjoyable to play through, even if updates are slow due to size, the author’s life and other matters. I have been here since they only had works like Choice of Romance and Choice of the Dragon (2010/2011), but it’s a place you come to stay. It has truly blossomed over the years with its additions. :smiley:


Demon mark Russian saga
Infinity series ( you will love this though its gender-locked-male )


My personal favorite is Most Wanted. Definitely.

Nice to meet you, @johnthegamer

Choice of Robots was a good story. I’m going to play it again, but this time I might not pick a human… (if you know what I mean).

I did give Wizard’s Choice a try (a couple of times) but I kept on dying. I’ll try again and see if I can stay alive.

I will definitely give Demon Mark a read. I will let you know what I think. I wasn’t going to play because of the gender lock, but since you recommended it, I might as well.

Your story sounds pretty interesting. Let me know if you decide to make it a WIP.

Thank you for taking the time to post.

@johnthegamer: I have just installed The Magium. I will let you know what I think.

Community College Hero was a good read. I hope there will be more to the story soon.

I felt exactly like you when I discovered choiceofgames, unfortunately, I did not use the forums. I started using forums like 1-2 years later. My favorite games would be: “Guns of Inifinity”(Along with the “Sabres of Infinity”), “SLAMMED!” and the trilogy of “Heroes Rise”. Yes, the community’s great. I’m sure you’ll discover more great games!
Best of luck!

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@blob: Pleasure to meet you.

Luckily I’m on summer break, otherwise I highly doubt I would be getting much of my papers written for my college courses.

Wow. I’ll have to give A Study in Steampunk a try. I’ll let you know. Same goes for Mecha Ace.

Thank you for the recommendations. I appreciate it.

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I first discovered this site when I was in high school. The only games I remember that were available were Choice of the Dragon, the first Choice of Romance and maybe Choice of the Vampire. I kinda forgot about this site but years later I came back and got hooked again! (Thanks to Heroes Rise)



I have seen quite a few posts about Children of the Gods by @Rohie . I’ll put it on my list.

Guenevere by @jeantown was amazing. I cannot wait for more of the story.

The very first game I played was Choice of Romance. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I played Choice of Dragons a few days ago. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t find another dragon to spend the rest of my days with. I’m sure it was due to my choices.

Thank you for taking the time to post. This site and the people are amazing.

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I will post my review as soon as I give the story a read.
Thank you for the recommendation.

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Choice of the Vampire was great. I see there is a sequel. However, I cannot get the first game’s choices to merge over. Which means I’ll have to play the first one again.

BTW, I’m glad you came back…

The first time I played Choice of Dragons I couldn’t get my dragon a partner but on other playthroughs I managed it. Sadly it doesn’t even mention your partner after the choice anyways.

I had to play Choice of Romance from the beginning since back then I saved the game with a specific word and forgot it, same thing with CoV but it served as a refresher.

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