What newer COG (after mecha ace) would you recomend


So i’ve missed a lot of games lately due to lack of funds, but now i have some money in my google play and i’m wondering what y’all recommend and why?


Have you played Choice of Robot? It takes place in a sci-fi(ish) near future setting. You end up building your own robot, and the game progresses through the years of your life with it.

It was pretty cool.


If you haven’t played life of a mobster I would definetly recommend it. It’s made by Lucid and is very similar to life of a Wizard.


The Hero of Kendrickstone is a good read. It’s by the same author as Mecha Ace.

Though Choice of Games does let you play a small section for free for most of their games, so play through the free parts and see which you like best.


I would recommend Choice of Robots, Psy High, The Hero of Kendrickstone and Lords of Aswick. CoR if you like sc-fi, Psy High if you like supernatural games. The Hero of Kendrickstone if you like fantasy, or LoA if you like a more grounded medieval game.


The hero rise series is good and so is slammed! Happy reading :smile:


I would recommend the Lost Heir over Hero of Kendrickstone. Lost Heir’s superior in every regard, IMO.


I enjoyed Seven Bullets, if you are looking for something that isn’t too serious.


here is my top list of the new releases:

1º Lords of Aswick ( out of all the new releases for me is the best and it have save after chapters… that give it a bonus )
2º The lost heir ( if lucid added some more content and save feature i think it will be my 1º and loa will be 2)
3º choice of Robots ( a pretty good one, with good replay but a bit linear after your first choose when your dreaming, i dont want to give spoilers so…)
4º Volunteer Firefighter ( is good but a bit buggy, maybe wait for a update )
5º The Hero of Kendrickstone ( a bit linear for my taste, the history and the writing is top notch, is 5º because there is no romance, and i like romances…there will be in the 2 part so if you have money buy it xD)
5º Psy High ( good but maybe a bit short )
6º Seven Bullets ( i did get bored after playing a 3º time, i think he wanted to add many endings and i prefer less endings but more good ones than half assed ones… sorry?
7º Zombien ( i loved zombie exodus as a zombie game… but this one is boring for my taste along with showdown at willow creek and sword of the elements are probably the worse games i have played)

hope you pick a good one for you, opinions may varied always so… good luck :wink:


I disagree. I liked Kendrickstone a lot more. Kendrickstone’s story was far more interesting to me and I enjoyed the characters more. Plus I can be a bard in Kendrickstone without getting knocked out. Constantly. We probably shouldn’t derail the topic by discussing this, however, if you would like to continue feel free to PM me. :slight_smile:


I loved both Hero of Kendrickstone and The Lost Heir. (Which is on topic since they’re both games I’d recommend). They’re both very similar thematically. A fantasy setting where you become an adventurer, starting off completely inexperienced but slowly growing in power. You have a choice of mentors, and a number of careers you can choose from. And they’re both crying out to be trilogies.

Choice of Robots seems the obvious game to suggest, since it’s sci-fi like Mecha Ace. It’s also like no other Choice of game. It’s immense in scope and complexity. If there’s just one game you can buy I’d say buy that one, since it’s hugely replayable and you’ll certainly get your moneys worth.

I enjoyed Thieves Gambit: Curse of the Black Cat. It’s a fun heist game. Psy-High’s good as well.

I haven’t played any of the recent hosted games apart from The Lost Heir so I can’t comment on those.


Thanks everyone, I ended up getting the lost heir, hero of kendrick stone, and fatehaven they are all quite good in my opinion


If you enjoyed Mecha Ace, try Hero of Kendrickstone. It’s got a more fantasy theme, but it’s by the same author and seems to be the first entry in a series, but the conclusion is still quite satisfying.


Great choice in games my friend! My personal favorite is fatehaven, I love the character interaction that story.