Must-plays of the genre?

Hey! I’ve been a fan of CoG and Hosted Games cyoa games for months now, and have worked my way through quite a list of them. I’m travelling overseas in a few days, and between planes, trains and busses I’m going to have a lottt of free time, and I want to catch up on any games I’ve been missing. So, what games are there that you just can’t not play (that you can use on a smartphone)? Recommendations are super appreciated!

Btw, if anyone would be willing to make a personal suggestion, I’ve played Study in Steampunk, Choice of Robots, Creatures Such as We, A Wise Use of Time, The Sea Eternal, Samurai of Hyuga, the Choice of the Deathless saga, the Heroes saga, and Versus, and my favourites were Time, Samurai, Deathless, and Versus. Thanks!


Well, I’d reckon that Sabres Of Infinity and its sequel are must-plays, much like Tin Star.

Both are some of the (subjectively) best games on the site.

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Oh, Lords Of Aswick is really good too.

I’d recommend Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity, Tin Star, Lords of Aswick, The Hero Of Kendrickstone and Mecha Ace.

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You’ll want to try “Divided We Fall” by @AlexClifford1994 … a truly unique experience in both the Hosted Games library and the CoG library.

Always Slammed.


Hey. Hope you enjoy your trip :slight_smile: can’t think of too many specific to the genres of your favourites, but my personal favourites are: tinstar, zombie exodus, choice of the star captain, neighbourhood necromancer, for rent haunted house, divided we fall, choice of the ninja, life of a wizard, choice of the rockstar, dilemma(short but sweet) and alter ego. Quite a lot there lol, but my top three are for rent haunted house(seriously funny) , choice of the ninja and zombie exodus. :slight_smile:

My Recomendation would have to be the Way Walker series. They’re both really well written games and a third is in development. If your looking for an interesting fantasy game then you should check them both out.

Underrated favs of mine: for rent: haunted house and NOLA is burning. :blush:

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From CoG Games:

  • Choice of Robots
  • A Wise Use of Time
  • Choice of The Deathless
  • Hollywood Visionary
  • Neighbourhood Necromancer

From Hosted Games:

  • Seven Bullets (this one’s free!)
  • Tin Star
  • Zombie Exodus
  • Life of a Mobster

The Lost Heir is my personal favorite. 1 and 2 of the Trilogy are out and 3 will be testing (hopefully) soon.

Also a lot of great WIPs on the site as well.