Fav CoG and/or HG

This is a thread for you to list your favourite games in CoG or HG!!
Here is my list
heroes rise series
creatures such as we

Fallen Hero:Rebirth
Zombie Exodus
samurai of hyuga
the lost heir
Bonus: Wayhaven chronicles

Those are just some of my favs and I am curious to see all of yours!!

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Some of my favorites are pretty recent ones. Guns of Infinity, Fallen Hero:Rebirth, and The Wayhaven Chronicles are pretty dope!


CoG -

  • Versus

HG -

  • Wayhaven Chronicles
  • Samurai of Hyuga
  • Community College Hero

•Choice of the Deathless (+ City’s Thirst)
•Heart of the House
•Psy High

•Samurai of Hyuga


Choice of Games:

- Heart Of The House
- Choice of Rebels : Uprising
- A Wise Use Of Time
- A Study In Steampunk
- Tally Ho
- Hollywood Visionary
- Choice of Robots
- Slammed!

Hosted Games:

- The Wayhaven Chronicles : Book One
- Tin Star
- Fallen Hero : Rebirth
- Samurai Of Hyuga series
- Zombie Exodus series
- Community College Hero series
- Life of a Mobster


My top games are:
Choice of the vampire (1 and 2)
Tin star
Vampire house
heroes rise series
Choice of the dragon
Champion of the gods
Life of a mobster
Life of a wizard
Choice of the deathless
City’s thirst
Way Walkers series
The lost heir series
Life of a mobster
Fatehaven (Barely made it on my top list)
Psy high (Maybe)
Hero of kendrickston ( the sequel was kinda disappointing but it was still good i think )
A study of steampunk
Samurai of hyuga series
The great tournaments (1 and 2)
Choice of rebels
Choice of the broadsides
Choice of romance ( I expected more romance from this one but it was still pretty good! )
Heart of the house
Choice of the pirate
Monster master (Maybe)
Hollywood visionary (barely made it on my top list)
A midsummers night
The ORPHEUS Ruse (Barely made it on my top list)
Choice of the necromancer
Tokyo wizard
Zombie exodus (Both of them)

Thats about it really…
I could name more but idk about them…
I may have missed some idk :thinking:
I also don’t know which one’s come from where lol i just download em



that gonna make it alot :stuck_out_tongue:

Choice of games:

1- Hero rise
2-choice of kung fu
4- Hero Rise : Hero Project
5- Mecha Ace
6- Hero Rise : Hero Fall
7- Thieve’s Gambit : Curse of the Black cat
8- Creatures such as we
9- Psy High
10- Choice of the robots
11- Champion of the gods
12- A wise use of time
13- Diabolical
14- Pendagron Rising
15- Sixth’s Grade Detective
16- The daring Mermaid Expedition
17- The Hero Project: Redemption Season
18- The Sea eternal
19- A Midsummer’s Night choice
20- Sorcery is for sap
21- runt of the litter
22- The eagel heir
23- welcome to Morey Town
24- Demon Mark : A Russian Saga
25- The Hero Unmasked!
26- Choice of the cat
27- The Superlatives: Aetherfall
28- Heart of the House
29- Broadway: 1849
30- T-Rex Time Machine
31- Tally Ho
32- The Fielder’s Choice
33- The Hero Project : Open Season
34- Rent A Vice

Hosted Games :
1- FateHaven
2- The Volunteer Firefighter
3- Samurai of Hyuga
4- Academy of Disaster
5- Wayhaven chronicle: Book one
6- Fallen Hero: Rebirth

These are the ones I brough , so of all of them…

I say some were too short (boohoo ) , and some of them were memorable and so damn good wish they never ended ! :grin:


-Choice of the Deathless
-Tally ho

-Fallen hero: rebirth
-Tin Star
-Samurai of Hyugai
-Wayhaven Chronicles


Hm okay:

  • Choice of Deathless
  • Heart of the House
  • Choice of Robots
  • Fallen Hero
  • Tin Star
  • Choice of the Star Captain
  • Hero Unmasked
  • The Eagle’s Heir
  • Way Walkers
  • Magikiras
  • Choice of Rebels

My favorite book of all is Unnatural


  • Choice of Rebel
  • Heroes Rise series (first 3 of it)
  • Choice of Broadsides
  • Creature Such as We
  • Midsummer Night’s Choice
  • A Wise Use of Time
  • Sorcery is For Sap
  • Sixth Grade Detective
  • Psy High


  • Samurai of Hyuga series
  • Fallen Hero
  • Tokyo Wizard
  • Magikiras
  • Unnatural
  • Wayhaven Chronicles
  • Silent Gear
  • FateHaven
  • Community College Hero series
  • Zombie Exodus
  • Lost Heir
  • Vampire House

I probably edit if I remember some more game that I enjoy

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