Favorite CoG and Hosted Games of 2017


So as this year begins to wrap up, I can say that this has been one of my favorite years for CoG and Hosted Games. So I was wondering what everyone’s favorite games have been for the year.

I can say that without a doubt that for CoG, Choice of the Cat, Heart of the House, and Avatar of the Wolf have by far been my favorite. And for Hosted, 3Games, Paradigm City, and Lost in the Pages!

Favourite Choice Game of 017

When it comes to favourite CoG’s, Choice Of Rebels takes the cake. Seriously, it is a Godsend to the CYOA genre.

In terms of HG, Great Tournament. It did what practically few or no other CoG’s did, and actually succeeded.


What come in mind first are, of course, XoR for CoG.

HG would be SoH 3, and Lost in pages :thinking:


Oh gotta give that to Choice of Rebels and Samurai of Hyuga 3. Both are very excellent stories and I just seem to be addicted to them.


Heart of the House and Choice of Rebels have been my favorites.

Heart of the House offered interesting characters and relationships. It was also very replayable as some of the choices that did not change events or stats did reveal different aspects of the past and present problem.

Choice of Rebels offered some big choices with effects that mattered and echoed through the story. The game of the Winter chapter was supported by and created narrative that pushed the story forward. I can’t wait until the next installment.


I should say Heart of the House,only the fact that you can’t have a decent ending with Orianna kinda annoyed me.So no choice here


I have never thought to even try out the Samurai of Hyuga stories until the third one came out, I feel like I’m so behind.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I assume you haven’t played them yet?


Choice of Rebels, and Samurai of Hyuga 3 for me.


The Great Tournament and Highlands,Deep waters :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


For CoG, Heart of the House. Unfortunately, I haven’t played XoR, Highland Deepwater, Broadway and Superlatives so I couldn’t provide the opinion on them even though I bought them. DX

For HG, SoH 3 no question!! Probably TWC as well if this will be release before yearend.


Choice of Rebels and TLH3.


Heart of the House!! I loved the environment and writing in that one so much. Never have I ever read something that felt so immersed in that kind of occult, mysterious, something-just-beyond-your-sight feeling and I loved it so so so much. Definitely my favorite of the CoG and HG catalogue this year for that ambience alone. I just adore that kind of fantasy-mystery genre :hugs:


CoG-> Choice of Rebels and Runt of the Litter

HG-> High Lands Deep Waters , Paradigm City and Samurai of Hyuga 3


Heart of the House, absolutely. So well written, great RO options who were well developed, and those romance scenes were pretty steamy.


2017 games. Metahuman came out in 2015. Lost Heir over a number of years.


For petes sake I’m blind. Sorry


Well, TLH3 still counts. :slight_smile:


I haven’t. I’ve only started the third purely out of curiosity and then stopped.


Superlatives; Aetherfall all the way.

XoR for HG.