Suggestions for CoG games with Awes-mazing RO's?

Can anyone suggest any CoG games or Hosted games that have great RO’s?
I’d like it to be somewhat lengthy 150k+ words (I dont know if thats a lot for CYOA)
I suck at management games, so that’s out too (Sorry Choice of rebels and Hollywood V…)
Edit: No Male Genderlocked as well, forgot about that :3.
The games I’ve played:
Lost Heir Trilogy
WAYHAVEN CHRONICLES (#1 Favourite since forever)
Both Zombie Exodus games (Also one of my faves) Not having plenty romance scenes, in earlier segments but that writing style, emotion, realness and pace captivated me.
Hero Unmasked, Hmmm we barely got to romance them besides 1-2 scenes. :<
Fallen Hero Rebirth: YES, a 2nd place big time favourite, while only having a staggering 2 RO, (Or 1 since I hate that scientist person) the closeness and richness of Ortega’s romance is so real and I was astounded. Also made me want to romance a non-romanceable character Cough Herald Cough
Choice of Robots
Evertree Inn

Much appreciated, don’t know why I explained why I liked some, but ok.


Samurai of Hyuga
Quite lengthy, still on-going (third book of a seven-part series came out a while back), not a management game at all - more interactive novel where “bad choices” add to the story and characterisation

Doesn’t do romance in quite the same way other games do, in my opinion (not bad! just different!). The characters are amazing, very much three-dimensional. Slowburn, I guess, but totally worth it - which doesn’t mean you won’t have steamy scenes, if you want them :wink:
The story at large relies heavily on the relationships (romantic or not) between the characters.
(also I can’t imagine anyone playing SoH without also falling in love with their MC and the samurai/ronin setting)


A Study in Steampunk has three distinct and very effective romance options.


Yeah, I played SoH1 but, didn’t get “hooked” on it, like Slammed!, while good and well refined, I just didn’t click with it, personal opinions, i guess.

@HannahPS That game’s male genderlocked right? Or am I wrong?

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Tally Ho has some great romance.


That’s fair, it was worth a shot :blush:

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study in steam–

okay, how about zombie exo–

err, okay how about Falle–

:no_mouth: err, Oh! how about Choice of r-

arrgghh!! why you!! XD cant think anything else :tired_face:


Yeah, sorry. I feel like I’ve exhausted Cog’s library of romance and now am trying to squeeze it dry to get whatever’s left cuz the thirst for romance is real. :stuck_out_tongue:


Heart of the House. Gorgeously, sumptuously romantic.


Ohh, that sounds new. How many Male RO’s are in it exactly?

I’ll second the Heart of the House recommendation. Beautiful, beautiful story all around with a fantastic air of mystery and the occult and, to what you’re asking, some very compelling romances as well!

As for Male ROs, there’s 2, I believe. One of whom you pick the gender of and the other is set male.


Two. Quite few RO’s, but trust me it’s worth it. :heartbeat:

Alright, I’ll give that one a whirl.

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if you guys dont mind it, who are the RO again?

Everyone beat me into it… I will recommend Heart of the House as well.

So sad that you didn’t like it but we all have our own taste.

Superlatives was great as well and Tally Ho.

@Curious_Boy: Devan and Reaves


yeah, i like Rory in Tally Ho, the romance is quite hillarious though (in my opinion) :rofl:


thanks, i run out of love for today… so i’ll put it here instead :heart:


There’s 4 in total (if you add Oriana).

The others are:
Devanand (aka Dev)

Hope this helps! :smiley:


Don’t worry @Prism_Stars I heard that Heart’s Choice will be releasing soon (CoGs which centers around relationships) so we will be satiated soon enough.


GASP, I’ve heard of that (I think from JimD) but, haven’t gotten the full explanation on the wazoo. Care to enlighten me, I’m so excited, yet I don’t fully understand what it is.

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SERIOUSLY ?! :star_struck:

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