Favorite COG-HG Game (Late 2022)

Greetings Fellow COG-HG Patrons, I’m opening a new topic for late 2022. With COG-HG spitting out games so quickly there was been plenty of content to read, which begs the question fellow patrons…

Given the new games put out, what is your favourite COG-HG games, and why is it your favorite?


I would have to easily say BREACH: The Archangel Job. The fact that game is so expansive with choices and how you can literally go into a completely different direction at many points is actually bonkers. The characters have authentic feeling to them like Rook and Bishop are prime examples. And I could praise the romance in the game for a solid while as it’s better than most hearts choice games. The mixture of comedy and realistic grit is phenomenal. Plus who doesn’t love a good ol’ crime story?


Ohhhh I love this game too! It’s my favorite!

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Professor of Magical Studies.

Also, Way Walkers. And Heart of Battle. And Sins of the Sires. And Community College Hero. And Choice of the Vampire. And The Play’s the Thing. And Freshman Magic: Spellbooks and Tangled Sheets. And The Vampire Regent. And Affairs of the Court. And A Player’s Heart. And Crème de la Crème. And A Kiss from Death. And Paradox Factor. And I’m probably forgetting some.


My very favorite, after all this time, is still Tin Star.
There’s probably a game out there that can match it, but I have yet to meet it.


Me too! Tin Star is just… iconic. Every time I play it I just love it even more, no wonder it’s still my absolute favourite after all this time. Story? Awesome. Replayability? Insane. Character development (both MC and RO’s/NPC’s)? Well-written. Setting? Immersive.


I’ve said elsewhere on the forums but I love The Golden Rose. Great setting, memorable characters, slow burn romance. Has not been topped in my opinion.

Also really like Tin Star and the Evertree series.


Why don’t we focus this just on games released in 2022? Threads about favorite games already exist.


Mine are probably Social Services of the Doomed - COG, The Gray Painter - HG, and Point du Jour - HC.


My Top 5 CoG Games, 2022 (based on having played all but one)

  1. Professor of Magical Studies
  2. Sins of the Sires
  3. A Crown of Sorcery and Steel
  4. Siege of Treboulain
  5. The Dragon and the Djinn

(Honorary Mention: Noblesse Oblige, Parliament of Knives: What Stares Back, Teahouse of the Gods, Social Services of the Doomed)

My Top 2 HC Games, 2022 (based on having played them all)

  1. Heart of Battle
  2. Freshman Magic: Spellbooks and Tangled Sheets

(Honorary Mention: Belle-de-Nuit: Point-du-Jour)

My Top HG Game, 2022 (of the five I played)

Talon City

(Honorary Mention: Community College Hero: Fun and Games)


Great top five, I enjoyed all of those.


My favorite game released in 2022? Probably Life of a Space Force Captain. I love Lucid’s work so this game didn’t disappoint at all. Second best might be The Golden Rose, and Day after Ever After takes third best.


For hosted, it definitely would be samurai of hyuga 5, and professor of magical studies for Choice of Games


Yeah I agree. All three of those are in my top favorites as well.

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Mage reborn: book one(though it was short, the emotional ending was wow),

sword of rhivenia(to be honest, I look forward to the future of this book, creating your mc as the ideal ruler was fun, I always love stories that are centered on traditional settling, like the great tournament and war of the west)

The nascent necromancer

The Golden rose:book one(I love how it gives the readers the ability to be religious or not and not just keep on one tracked mind in it all, the diverse personality of characters from stoicism, carefree, religious and joyful characters and the conflict was amazing and the ability to reflect MC’s personality in the story)

siege of Treboulain(it was nice, amazing and fun, I wish I got the secret ending)

midnight saga: the monster(the interactions and internal monologue was wow and the conflict in the story. Mad)

These games kept me captivated from the beginning of the story to the end, the characters were fun to know, the interaction with each other and the intrigues. It was generally a fun game to pay and the ability to draw a vivid world for the readers is wow. I usually just lose interest half way but these were fun from the beginning to the end. I look forward to another of seeing more beautiful masterpieces like this. Thank you.
I didn’t arrange it in any order. Just ones I could remember.


Just limiting it to 2022 makes it easy - only one game’s save files ended up in my “Permanent character records for the day when a sequel is released, which can’t come soon enough” folder, and that was The Golden Rose. Of course the year isn’t over yet…


to me, there’s still a game to beat fallen hero. i love that game. i’ve played it so many times i’ve lost count. from the wips i play, i think only i the forgotten one has the possibility of stealing that first place. but, for now, it’s always fallen hero.


I have definitely enjoyed a toooon of Games this year thank you to everyone making all these stories!

My favorites were Paranormal Preparatory School, Social Services of the Doomed, and Midnight Saga: The Monster

I’m still waiting to read Teahouse of the Gods though and there’s still a lot of 2022 titles I haven’t read yet so I’m happy I get to browse what everyone’s favorite is!