CoG and HG: suggestions on what to play - Consolidated Thread

This thread is to ask for and to provide suggestions on what CoG and HG games to play.


I highly recommend Zombie Exodus, the Heroes Rise trilogy, Tin Star, and the Choice of Vampire games. Choice of the Deathless is pretty good too.

Which haven’t you played?

If you haven’t played it I would recommend sabres of infinity.

There’s a HUUUGE update for Trial of the Demon Hunter that will hopefully come out in around a week, so you might consider checking out the demo for it whenever the update is available.


Allow me to add Life of a Wizard, Life of a Mobster, Slammed!, and Fatehaven.

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@Xero i haven’t played either slammed nor LoM so I’ll try those out, thanks.

@Samuel_H_Young I’ve actually never tried Trials of the demon hunter… I should. Thanks for the suggestion!

@Havenstone Pretty much played every game that has been listed here (except for the ones above). Any OTHER suggestions?

Some of the games that are on my current phone are: The Way Walkers, The Fleet, Choice of Romance, NOLA, Neighborhood Necromancer, Mecha Ace, Hero series, SoI, Yeti’s, Fatehaven, DWF, Black Cat and Choice of Rockstar.

(Some games are on my old phone since I’ve recently gotten a new one)

Oh, okay! Well I can confidently say that it’ll be like twice as good once the update comes out. I fixed a lot of bugs, added new content and achievements, improved character interaction, and the whole thing has been edited by @Fiogan.

Choice of the Star Captain is one of my favorites. If you liked Neighborhood Necromancer, try Eerie Estate Agent. Paradox Factor is unique, and terrific. And Zombie Exodus is epic – give it a try, even if z-horror isn’t your thing.

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Life of a Mobster and Life of a Wizard are highly recommended, but with a caveat: they’re very different from other CoGs and have far more emphasis on the “game” and strategy aspects than most CoGs.

Also, mark your calendar for December because Choice of Robots ought to be coming out then, and while I can’t give any details, it’s the finest CoG to date, and only rivaled by Sabres of Infinity and Tin Star on the HG side.

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Mecha Ace
Tin Star
Zombie Exodus
Choice of Broadsides
Sabres of Infinity
Life of a Mobster
Life of a Wizard

I’ll be sure to try Star Captain and Paradox Factor.

i DO love Zombie Exodus. got a pretty good ending too.

When is it coming out?

and also, if what @Ramidel says is true, then we have yet another CoG coming out soon, don’t we?

Played all of those except for both “Life of” in the end. i’m currently starting Trail of the Demon Hunter, but once i’m finished i’m going for Wizard and then monster

I’m not entirely sure, but I would guess a few more days. I wouldn’t start it until the update comes out. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Samuel_H_Young oh. well, time to put my character to a Halt. Good luck with Trail!

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When is the ascot coming out and what is it about?

I think you posted on the wrong thread.

Sorry I’m just wondering what that game is about