CoG and HG: suggestions on what to play - Consolidated Thread

As far as I know, no one knows much about it besides CoG and anyone who may have beta tested it.

The Ascot? never heard of it… I believe there is a small town in England called Ascot, although i doubt the actual game has anything to do with it

@dbabbc: I’m just going off what the Upcoming Releases page says for Choice of Robots. I couldn’t possibly comment beyond saying that it’s being copyedited, that it might release in December, and that it’s an awesome game.

Hey guys,
I’m new here on the forums and I was wondering if there are any “choice of” realistic political games where you play as the president of the United States and it is set in modern day?
Thanks in advance!

Hello there.
I have just played through SoI and GoI again, and I love the setting and all the aspects of the game.

But do anyone recommend other games like the series, where you start as a low officer or even a soldier, and work up the ranks of command? and primarily in that time period with line infantry and artillery?

Thank you!

Not yet, but there is Congresswolf (COG), where you play as a campaign manager trying to get your man or woman elected into Congress. It’s set in modern day, but does include werewolves, like the name suggests lol.

This is probably the closest right now that’s on COG or HG that you might be interested in. I believe there’s a WIP somewhere around the forum as well that is also similar to what you’re talking back, unsure of the name though.

Can someone recommend some games where a reader can customize/choose their ethnicity?

I’ve been trying to find stories like that but have only found Fallen Hero. In all honesty, it may not seem like a big deal to some, but having an identity like that acknowledged means a lot to me being a Reader of Color. For me, it’s about representation. It’s cool that we can choose gender identities and sexual preferences, but why can I not at least have the option to chose my ethnicity? I want that identity to be acknowledged too.


This question would probably be better suited for a recommendation thread, as this one is more about identifying games that forum users recall but can’t find, but to the best of my recollection,

Aegis Project and Thousand Miles of Sky are WIPs that both let the player set skin tone, although there isn’t an option to set a specific ethnicity.

Gilded Rails and Tin Star are the only published games I know of that let the player set ethnicity specifically, although neither game covers every option. There’s a pretty decent chance there are more that I haven’t played, though


The ones I recall off the top of my head:

Choice of the Vampire has several backgrounds to choose from for the main character. The Eagle’s Heir is not as specific, but you can choose who the MC’s mother was, and she can be Egyptian or born a slave in Haiti.

I was going to mention Gilded Rails as well, but @HomingPidgeon beat me to it, so yep. That one also has an ethnicity option.


sorry about that! I thought this was that type of thread lol

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven.

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If you enjoy romance I highly recommend ‘The Wayhaven Chronicles - Book 1’.

Hello everyone! Can somebody please tell me about games that are not fantasy? I think most choice/hosted games authors write that genre. I don’t blame them, who doesn’t love magic? But I would like to read something about a normal human being, no powers or anything. It would be a nice change. Thanks!

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What type of non-fantasy? There’s a few up there in the war, sports, humour and slice of life categories.
If you don’t care either way, the parenting simulator is recent and has been getting very good reviews. A sensei’s story is pretty over the top wacky humour, but if you like that sort of thing check it out. Miss Bennett is very pride and prejudice so you’ll probably know off the bat if that’s your sort of thing. A day off work is slice of life, and the race is like one of those “amazing race” type programs. Real life war type games are usually not my thing, but I’ve heard good things about divided we fall if it’s yours. I’m not sure if Tally Ho has fantasy elements? (I don’t think so?) That’s another highly rated one.

Anyway, that’s a few to get you started. There’s more if you wanted to clarify what interests you.


Tally Ho (iirc) has no fantasy elements. I highly recommend it if you’re a huge fan of 1920’s England or a fan of period stories.


Anyone know any good Choice of Games about making interesting choices not based on stats?

I’m not really a fan of games where you need to make decisions based on your physical stats, or where there’s an optimal ‘solution’ to a given scenario. Rather, I’m looking for games where the choices you make say things about you/your character, and change your reputation

Within the Choice of Games/Hosted Games catalogue, I’ve found Fallen Hero one of my favorite games of this kind - while it does have strength of mind/subtle manipulations stats, very few of the choices are objectively good or bad, and all of them are opportunities for me to decide what my character values, rather than a simple mental calculus. The more ‘fighty’ bits are actually my least favorite part of the game.

An example of a CoG I disliked is Sabres of Infinity. While you can get through the game with basically any build, most of the choices are (or at least seemed to be when I played) either about making sure your stats are high, or making sure you’re using the right stat to succeed at what you’re trying to do, or just making one specific ‘right’ decision. I personally don’t enjoy these sorts of decisions.

An example of the sort of game I’m looking for that isn’t a CoG is any of TellTale’s post-Walking Dead adventure games. You never level up or get better in any of these games, and there’s rarely an ‘optimal’ solution to a given issue. On the rare occasion that there is a choice that’s dependent on stats, it’s usually a relationship thing, where the impression you’ve made on certain characters influences whether you can convince them to aid you.


Stats are one of vital aspects for CoG, as I understand, they all stats driven. Hosted Games can be less so.

In my experience, stats in Wayhaven just reflected your decisions, I don’t remember any stat checks there. Same goes for “The Grim and I”, “Doomsday on Demand”, “High lands, Deep waters”. I also don’t remember maniacally checking stats screen in Totem Force and Community College Hero.

I agree about Fallen Hero, but can’t remember any other game like this. While it has success/fail mechanic based on player’s stats, failure there leads to interesting results, not to instant death or doom and brimstone, as in many other games.


I know that I came across at least one state check in Totem Force but I definitely agree that they occur more in CoG more than HG. Anyway I recommend checking out The Great Tournament 1 & 2, Dragon Racer and Keeper of the Sun and Moon. In my opinion those four can make it seem like that you are really apart of their world and not just looking at it through a glass ball. Sorta speak.

Try GT 1 & 2. (GT stands for the Great Tournament)