What's your favourite choice game?

I have never seen this topic appear before and I was just curious about what peoples favourite choice games are.

Also, there is no topic for both the hosted and official choice games on this site so I had to put this topic under “General”.


Way Walkers 1 & 2
Fatehaven (so wish for a sequel)


COG: Choice Of Robots
HG: Life of a Mobster.

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COG : Choice of the Pirate

HG : Samurai of Hyuga/ Way walkers 1&2/Fatehaven/ i like to many to add/ good day


It’s a toss up between Paul Wang’s Sabres of Infinity and Max Gladstone’s Choice of the Deathless for me.

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Sabres of Infinity/Lords Of Aswick for Hosted Games.

Choice of Robots for Official CoGs.


My favorite is “A Study In Steampunk” no contest. I also have a thing for “Choice of Broadsides”, it’s pretty short, but I love me some pirates and sailin’, aye.

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Sabres of Infinity and/or Guns of Infinity

Altough I love most games, my undisputed favorite is The Lost Heir.

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Life of a Mobster, Choice of Robots.
other games from other worlds is PoE and Path of Exile
My favourite item is Exalted Orb
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For Choice of Games I like

  • Heroes Rise series
  • Versus series
  • Sixth Grade Detective
  • Creatures Such as We
  • Psy High

For Hosted Games I like:

  • Magikiras(this one have special place in my heart)
  • Fatehaven
  • Samurai of Hyuga series
  • Lost Heir series
  • Zombie Exodus
  • Doomsday On Demand
  • The Vampire House
  • Life of a Wizard
  • Silent Gear

I have so many favourites @_@

Tin Star
Versus series
Sixth Grade Detective
Samurai of Hyuga series
Zombie Exodus : Save Haven
The Daring Mermaid Expedition
Creatures Such as We
Neighbourhood Necromancer
Doomsday on Demand
A wise use of Time
Double/ Cross
So, You’re Possessed!
The Volunteer Firefighter
Somme Trench

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My favourite-est of CoG/HG games are(not in order)

Doonsday on Demand
Heroes Rise(series)
Vampire House
So… You are possessed
Zombie Exodus(and Safe Haven too)
Tin Star
A wise use of time