Which game should I get next?

I have recently found myself very besotted by the games that Choice of Games (both official and hosted) has to offer. Being new to this medium, I never expected myself to enjoy reading these interactive novels/games as much as I do so. Within a short period of time, I have played through Zombie Exodus, Choice of Romance, Choice of Vampire 1, Choice of the Dragon, Life of a Mobster, Creatures Such As We and most recently, Choice of Robots.

Currently, I have my eyes on a few games that I would like to get but could only purchase one or two more at the moment.

Which of the below (one or two) would you recommend for re-playability and enjoyment value?

Life of a Wizard
Choice of Deathless
Psy High
Mecha Ace
Way Walkers University
Tin Star

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Life of wizard and Tin Star are both really good and I highly recommend them.
Mecha Ace is awesome if you are into the mech genre.

Life of Wizard and Tin Star

All of them are worth owning, but for replayability the standouts are Tin Star, Life of a Wizard, and Mecha Ace.

I’d suggest the robot story that came out today. Fate Heaven, is a really good story with a long story. You’ll get your money’s worth. Life of a Mobster is a game I enjoyed too. (I’m into mobster movies and such.) It was also really good story telling.

Mechanical Ace and Tin Star are great. I’d also suggest the Heroes Rise games.

Mecha Ace is the best game here. Great plot, characters and replayability. Easily the one you should go for first.

Slammed is amazing too. Great plot and because I’m a huge professional wrestling nerd, I picked up on some subtle in-jokes and references that made it even better. But even users who aren’t pro wrestling fans love it. Great to play through the first time but doesn’t have as much replay value. Still highly recommended.

Tin Star is the longest game here and have heard great things about it but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Looking to get my hands on it soon.

You’ll also read only good things about Sabres of Infinity, which has the same author as Mecha Ace. It’s got a sequel coming up soon- Guns of Infinity.

As you can see everybody has different tastes. What is it you like best in the games you’ve played? What features other than length and replayability are you looking for?

Since you’re limited in the amount of games you can buy I’d suggest against Waywalkers because as good a game as it is, you’d need to purchase the two parts, and the trilogy isn’t finished yet. (Heroes Rise, which I’ll note you’ve not listed but someone else suggested, requires the purchase of 3 parts).

Of your list my two favourite games are Slammed! and Choice of Deathless. I liked the stories and the NPCs and they’re both nicely replayable with some significant differences in playthroughs. Neither’s quite as replayable as the likes of Choice of Robots though, nor as replayable and customisable as Life of a Wizard.

If you loved Life of a Mobster then I’d say get Life of a Wizard. Same author, it’s a huge game, very replayable, but it came across, to me, as more game than story.

Slammed! is quite possibly my favorite of all the games. I became really invested in the storyline and characters. It was… Colorful, if that word can be applied to a text-based game. It felt like a living, breathing world (cliché, I know) Lots of customization, very well written.

I also enjoyed Deathless… But not so much on the first play through. It was, at least for me, confusing at first. Of course, now, after playing it god-knows-how-many times, I understand it well (though there are still new parts that I’m discovering!) It also has a great storyline and likable characters.

Hi FairyGodfeather, thank you for dropping by. Of all the games that I have played, the ones that really stood out for me are Life of a Mobster and Zombie Exodus (I really splurged on this one!). So, I would say I prefer games with suspenseful story line, customisable and branching choices. Choice of Robots is definitely a stand-out for me for the last feature since my second playthrough is remarkably different from the first one, both in depth and alternate pathways.

Life of a Wizard seems to be an attractive option, though it’s more game than story. I can certainly see myself replaying it effortless time.

I have heard good things about Slammed! but replayability is limited.

I might just go with Life of a Wizard and maybe Choice of Deathless as well.

Is Choice of Deathless a lengthy game?

Thank you for your input, DetectiveSquirrel! It’s very helpful to see what everyone is recommending. There are a variety of good games available and I can’t help but find myself in a little of a dilemma.

I actually tried the demo of Choice of Deathless on the main site and found myself confused to say the least. So, I just turned away from the possibility of getting it till now. Maybe I should give it a chance.

Aha! Okay it helps to know which of the games on the list you preferred.

I actually thought Slammed was plenty replayable, however the replays aren’t as significantly different as say Choice of Robots is. You can probably cover the majority of the content of Slammed in three to four playthroughs if you play perfectly and aim specifically to experience different aspects of the game.

I can’t recall how replayable Deathless is.

Since you listed two hosted games as your favourite games so I’d suggest that you go with more hosted games. Life of a Wizard and either Tin Star or Mecha Ace (which isn’t a hosted game but is written by a former hosted-game author). . Play the demos and see which of those you prefer the most.

Deathless is good but it has limited replay ability.

I enjoyed Deathless, though I do agree with FairyGodfeather - it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stick with a Hosted Game.

Tin Star is enormous - I haven’t replayed it, so I can’t comment as to the replayability, but it’s the only one of the games that I couldn’t finish in one sitting. If you’re looking for a long (and entertaining!) experience, that’s not a bad way to go.

Tin Star is highly replayable, though there isn’t quite as much variation as there is in Choice of Robots (despite being much bigger). Still the best of the ones you suggested; it may have fewer replays, but it is an absolutely gigantic game.

Life of a Wizard and Slammed! are all excellent. Choice of the Deathless, Psy High and Mecha Ace are also good, but they suffer from having excellent competition. And no, Slammed!'s actually pretty replayable; there’s a lot of differences around the climax.

Deathless’ replayability, since you asked, is very limited. It’s a fun ride and very well-written, but the plot is completely on rails.

Not a fan of WWU.

Still repping Mecha Ace here lol.

And Slammed.

Those are my top two. Helps that I’m a huge anime and wrestling fan so these 2 games are right up my alley. But both are very excellently written.

The different endings of Mecha Ace especially, really feel like an achievement after playing through the game. Some of them are highly rewarding. And it’s got incredibly detailed world-building too, and you can also read up on the various mechas on the stats page if you’re a fan. And the action scenes are some of the best anywhere. Depending on your style of play, they differ sufficiently from each other too.

Tin Star, Life of a Wizard and Slammed! are my personal favourites :smiley: they all offer a lot of customization as well

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Heh, I do recommend playing each of them when you get a chance. However, if you are looking at length, and variation, Choice of Robots is definitely there, though I love Tin Star a little more. While each replay tends to show repetition of chapters, it is possible to go different lengths.

I do like Slammed, but most of the choices didn’t really seem to vary the game to much (other than an occasional stat at certain points).

Life of Wizard, no question. By far the best on that list from my point of view.

Life of a Wizard has the most replayabilty of the games on that list. If you liked Life of a Mobster, it’s from the same author. You’ll love it.

Tin Star and Mecha Ace are also highly recommended. Off the list, I also suggest the Heroes Rise Trilogy.