What game should i get?


I only have 3.00 $ on Steam and I would like to get another Choice of Games or Hosted Games game.
I already have:
Evertree Inn
Cannonfire Concerto
Psy High
Choice of Robots
Choice of the Pirate
Choice of the Deathless

What should I get next?


Play the demos on the website! See which one you find most gripping and desperately want to play more of.

What’s your favourite out of those on the list that you’ve played? What do you like about the games?


My favorites are probably Psy High and Choice of Robots. Idk exactly what I like about them, but for Choice of Robots it’s probably how much I felt like my choices really mattered, and for Psy High I think it was the interesting characters/love interests.


Some games are free you know. Like Choice of Dragons, Choice of Broadsides, Choice of the Vampire and some of the other earlier games. :blush:


I recommend you or Tin Star or Slammed. Tin Star is a enormous game with some of my favorite romances of all times . Slammed is a engaging game even if like me you have zero idea of wrestling. Romances are great and are a good idea inside the story


The pop star was fun to Romance.


I never played Psy High all the way, but Choice of Robots kept me thoroughly entertained multiple times. I would definitely recommend it.


Community College Hero
Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven
The Lost Heir:The Fall Of Daria.

Pick whichever one you want. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


@RagEgnite I already have Psy High and Choice of Robots, but thanks anyway for leaving a sugestion. :slight_smile:


@AAO I played the demos for both Community College Hero and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. I liked both games from what I saw, but I can’t decide. I’m also thinking about getting A Midsummer Night’s Choice or Tin Star.


Turns out I can’t get Tine Star. It’s $5.00 and I only have $3.00


Wait for the release of Lucid’s new game usually a sale on Steam occurs then.


I don’t know why I thought you were deciding between those two games. I guess I didn’t get enough sleep.

In that case, maybe you can also try Tokyo Wizard (find a magic book in Tokyo and decide to become a wizard out of whimsy), So, You’re Possessed! (Get possessed by a demon that’s a renegade even among their own kind, hilarity ensues), Fatehaven (rediscover magic while also going on a journey to find the girl that taught you your magical arts), Unnatural (join an agency that specializes in neutralizing supernatural threats–your MC has the earliest encounter with them, learned the hard way.), and Sabers of Infinity (join a British-esque army in a low fantasy world and slowly climb up the ranks while fighting the feudal League of Antar).

I haven’t played the later 3 in a while, so YMMV, but they’re all 3 bucks or less.


My dear we meet again, and as usual your suggestions are in point.

I see you can’t get Tin Star, and that saddens me greatly because it was the first CoG I ever played and I have loved it ever since. Preston is literally my favorite of all time.

Lost heir though really reminds me of the book series the false prince, and I absolutely love it. I really enjoy(don’t run away now) the difficulty of preplannimg for the worst, and having to stick to one stat line so to speak. The second one is amazing, but so is the first, and the characters are so fun. (Expect Peter/Petra ef them for being no good holy clerics who hate everyone)