Any idea of what other game I should get?


I was wondering if there’s another game I should get? So far I have Choice of Vampire Series, Choice of Romance, Deathless, Heroes Rise Series, Zombie Exodus, Imprisoned, ORPHEUS Ruse, Eerie Estate Agent, Way Walkers University Series, Life as a Wizard, Slammed! Tin Star, & Unnatural. Any other games I should get?


@MarvelousMatty - Wow, you have quite the collection! I haven’t got as many as you, so I’m pretty useless in this thread. But I wanted to ask you how good is Eerie Estate Agent, as that’s the one I’m thinking of getting next?


@ErinRosado I thought it was pretty good, it’s unique & funny, I’d recommend it!


Save some money for Trial of the Demon Hunter :slight_smile: it comes out on March 14th. And you should try Choice of the Star Captain, Choice of Broadsides, Choice of the Dragon, Reckless Space Pirates, Apex Patrol, and Choice of Kung Fu.


@MarvelousMatty - Thanks, that’s definitely going to be the next one I get. I almost got it last time, but I got Slammed! instead.


Star captain all the way. :slight_smile:


@ErinRosado I just hate Eerie Estate but if you like the demo, you certain must buy it. It was a decent lenght game and probably have a good replay value , I never replay it due it was the second worst experience i had with a Cog. Choice of Captain and reckless pirates are great funny games. And about Trial you could have a cute boggard that transformed in poison… that make it the best pet ever.


Yeah it’s as if he was made for you!


@Samuel_H_Young I got choice of broadsides & choice of dragon too! & I will save some money for that!


Awesome :slight_smile: thanks, man.


Double post.


@Samuel_H_Young yeah I never got to play the demo but I’m still looking forward to it


Not a lot of people did:P it was only up for about a month.


@Samuel_H_Young lol okay that explains, well I can’t wait!


@Samuel_H_Young If you did a Iap minigame with dresses for boggard i would lost tons of money lol . He would be the best dressed boggard ever … i would love him in a cute cat outfit … I clearly has to doom that farm family selling them a goblin lol. My titus needs some clothing. I just cant wait play 2nd part lol and i even cant buy first lol.


Apex Patrol is pretty good if you’re into Sci-Fi. Sabres of Infinity is good too, from what I played of the demo


Hehehe, a boy boggart with dresses xD! I would consider that, but I think you’d be the only one buying the IAP :stuck_out_tongue: you’ll get to buy him things in the sequel, though. I’ll be half done with it by the time TotDH comes out


@Samuel_H_Young Dress up Boggart edition ! If there are some about kitties, princess ,even rabbits Why not our cute boggard sadly i got zero drawing skills if not there is already a fan fic dress your boggard Cog.


That’s Hilarious! Hey, I don’t wanna hi-jack this thread so we should take the conversation over to my Hosted Game discussion :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems you like some Vampire, Unnatural related games :smile: so the games you mentioned are good ones. If you like something related to dynamic ship battles on the sea, with pirates, fighting with cannons, carronades and Middle Ages atmosphere I would recommend my fav. new MOBA game Wind of Luck. Hope that helps, mate!