My opinion about choiceofgames

Hey guys! This short post will be pretty useful for new guys that just started this type of games (tbh it’s more that just a game)
I started with Swamp castle, then I played Zombien,Broadsides,Marine Raider, and about 2 mins ago I finished Silent Gear. What I would like to say about all those stories I played through - They are amazing! I would like to point out Silent Gear, it’s the first time ever when I was so nervous about my decision (especially in the end Warning spoiler! when I had to choose between killing,disabling or joining Selen)
Anyways, I recommend everyone to visit this wonderful world of hard decisions.


Haha fresh meat!!! You must try Community College Hero, Sabres of Infinity and The Lost Heir they are the best (in my not-so humble opinion).


Okay! I will try them

Also,you might want to check out both Zombie Exodus games,Tin Star,Heroes Rise series and the crowning acheivement of COG,Choice of Robots.

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I would use the special forum “spoiler” things to refer to spoilers. This is how you deal with spoilers: your just put [ spoiler]TEXT[/ spoiler] without the spaces.

And personally, I really liked Metahuman Inc.