The "darkest" Choice of game?

Just finished Slammed and Heroes Rise: The Prodigy. Good games, enjoyed myself reading them. Didn’t like the second heroes rise, though. Stopped playing after I noticed they’re pretty much forcing me to play one style in the competition to win it. Evil, team player, floater etc. Maybe it becomes better later on, but at the moment I have no interest in starting again.

While I enjoyed the first two I mentioned, they felt too… PG-13. That’s the best way to describe it for me. A bit too PC and cuddly for my taste at the moment. I felt no real hate for the villains and the guilt I was meant to feel in slammed is pretty laughable at best.

Saying that, what game would you consider is the darkest Choice Of Game out there that I should buy next? A game where you hated the villain for the bad things he done, and felt truly shocked when you were betrayed. A game where the MC or villain isn’t afraid to cuss in anger or frustration, instead of shouting Fiddlesticks. I’m guessing this type of game can only be found in hosted games, so could you suggest one that’s on chrome web store? I only have a PC.

I played the betas of tin star and zombie exodus in the forum way back. Great games, and more of what I’m looking for. But, again, I have no interest in buying them and starting again.

The Nightmare Maze and Zombie Exodue can get dark at times. Also, Trial of the Demon Hunter has some language and brutal action, depending on what choices you make.

I’d recommend buying ZE just to support JimD, if nothing else! Besides, he has created an amazing game that has to be played from start to finish (all chapters) at least once.

I (still) haven’t read Tin Star yet (I bought it on release, but have been biding my time before reading it) however from reviews and what I’ve heard it would be worth your 2/3 dollars.

The latest game, Trial of the Demon Hunter is worth a look (okay, I’m biased as I made the music, but hey, Sam has a very good game there!)

Of course, if you really want a dark story, check out Endmaster’s stories. He is, in my opinion, the devil of dark masterpieces!


I think part of the issue is that it can be very uncomfortable writing dark scenes. Torture, sexual abuse, any violence towards kids or animals make many people squeamish and limit the audience. Plus you’d have relatives and friends reading it looking at you differently, like “Holy crap you have some sick thoughts.”

That being said, I agree with @Samuel_H_Young that ZE is about the darkest existing one (of those I’ve read)

My WIP does include more cursing than most, increasing levels of violence and some scenes designed to make readers uncomfortable, but it might still end up being PG 13 at the end of the day.

Unnatural can be dark in places.

Endmaster’s games are definitely seriously dark and most all of them are amazingly good, but they aren’t Choice of Games games. I stopped following Zombie Exodus because it was so depressing to me, so I’d definitely say that’s the darkest.

Yeah I was going to suggest Unnatural too

Generally, though, I think us authors try to keep it pg 13 so that anyone can enjoy it.

@HornHeadFan really? I find those the easiest to write i try to think of it as a form of… Stress release
I quit hero rise for the same reason. It just didn’t feel like my character any more

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I played the beta of Zombie Exodus when it was in the forum. Only the first few chapters. Is the finished product that good that it makes you depressed? Because that’s a buy to me. Can anyone confirm this?

It can

It’s pretty gripping and involved, yes. The characters will certainly leave you attached

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My WIP (The Faceless) could probably be called this based on the content and premise. You’re conscripted into the military of what is essentially a dictatorship, they spend a lot of time breaking you down and molding you into the ideal warrior and- if you don’t fit their criteria- they kill you without a second thought.

@Suede it is, I was so happy when I could kill Emma finally also I inspires a great ending in ZE I I’m proud of myself :))

Mara Didn’t you start a thread on killing Emma at one point?

A fan fic spin off called 1000 ways to kill Emma. It was useful to learn code create an inventory.

Ah, well. It’s only on itunes and android. That’s me out. I only can play via PC.


It’s also on Chrome.


Thanks. It wasn’t in the drop down menu on choice of games download option, so I figured it wasn’t a chrome option. Doesn’t matter, though. I’m not paying £5.09. Sorry guys, but thanks for the recommendations.

Trust me, that’s a bargain. The whole story is over 750,000 words long and it’s pretty amazing.

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