The "darkest" Choice of game?

If I go on long road trips or get bored or just for the heck of it I’ll play ZE for hours going through all the options and backstories and every path. Makes it very worth the money spent on it all together.

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And that’s why you should try to get a CoG game when it’s on the limited time new release sale, but did ZE have one? I bought the whole thing, and like @Scrivener and @Samuel_H_Young said, it’s worth every penny, because it is so re-playable.

It used to be $4, now it’s $8.

After a few months hiatus of being piss-poor and avoiding the choice of games site, I recently bought Zombie Exodus. Great game and exactly what I was looking for when I made this thread. Shame I couldn’t afford it at the time.

Noticed he also has a WIP as well, definite buy from me when it’s done.

Cheers for the recommendation, guys.


The darkest one by far would be Paradox Factor. That one is so dark, it’s depressing

Yeah, definitely Paradox Factor and Zombie Exodus.

I think that the last Heroes Rise does have its dark moments too. Actually there’s a lot of darkness to it (which I’d be happy to discuss in another thread, but here it’s probably spoilers.) Choice of the Vampire’s dark too.

Is Deathless? I can’t remember.

I’d say Paradox Factor is the darkest. Zombie Exodus is dark, but not as depressive.

In addition, there are some pretty dark WIPs, although the darkest and most disturbing at all has been deleted.

@AlexClifford1994’s Divided We Fall that will be released soon is very dark.