What is the Darkest CYOA game on choice of games?

Games that might actually make you uncomfortable to play again. Heavy stuff. sometimes I like to depress myself so looking for options.


I will admit that playing Life of a Wizard and Lost Heir have made me more comfortable with being Evil and raising Undead to do my bidding. That’s pretty dark.


Definitely the “Highlands, Deep Waters” though its HG. Aside from the creepy atmosphere, its quite difficult to get a good ending. “Paradox Factor” is also quite depressing and a short one, I tried to play it multiple times to get a good ending but I failed miserably.


Oh yeah, I think you’re supposed to fail PF.

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I have yet to beat it I’m assuming becoming a cultist and playing along is mandatory?

No one going to mention Samurai of Hyuga book three? I had some pretty WTF moments in it.


Yeah, maybe it was inevitable, it was quite depressing that I had to watch Adventure Time to make me feel better.

Yup, that was the path I took and it turned out “not bad” at all though I’m not sure if there is some other way.

I agree. So far, SoH 3 was the darkest CYOA game I played.


Yes, SOH does have those dark moments but I’d say I will play it again if I do have the time however with Highlands, Deep Waters, it actually scared the hell out of me and I don’t think I would play it again.


It also has that great line I can’t quite remember exactly. “That wasn’t the laugh of a Ronin gone insane but of a grieving teacher who cared very much about her students”


I’ve never played Highlands, Deep Waters. That said, given what you’re saying, I’ll want to play it.

Choice of the Deathless is set in the world of the Deathless Cycle. Long before the story begins for either game, humans harnessed the cold light of stars in order to unmake the gods, and the worst happened: they succeeded. Now they have to try to take their place.

It’s a setting where signing a contract literally tears out portions of your soul, and if you are fortunate enough to be one of the necromancer-lawyer-wizards that pull the strings of most major civilizations, you can look forward to a long life of paperwork followed by your body rotting as you live your unnaturally extended life. An eternity of paperwork and bureaucracy.

There’s also Samurai of Hyuga, which doesn’t shy away at all from horrible things happening to good people, often, and for no good reason.


I’m going to second Highlands and Paradox for a dark atmosphere.
What I read of divided we fall was pretty depressing, especially since it’s based on a war that really happened. (I only read the free part and it depressed me enough that I didn’t buy it, but I’m assuming it sticks to that tone.)
My comp entry Abysm’s Veil is fairly dark as well I think. (It’ll be a full length HG at some point but it’s not yet finished.)


“There is no such thing as Bushido”


True, but you get a ‘cool’ skeleton body to wander around in.


I’m assuming most of your potential future to-be-published works would fall under this, too.

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@UmbraLamia lol yeah, yeah. I know. It seems I’m out to depress the world. (I said I’d try for rainbows and bunnies next time… maybe :grin:)

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How about dark comedy? Like Joss Whedon

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I’ve found out the hard way my sense of humour doesn’t tend to convey well over text. Trying for a dark comedy might well be taken seriously and make things worse :confounded:

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