Without naming the game how would you describe the best and worst CYOA games you've played.?

Worst: Whoever wrote it was in a windowless room with ten hours of yakety sax playing.

Best: Medievil lesbian adventure


Worst : There’s definitely potential, but the spelling and grammar mistake ruins the immersion.

Best : Be thankful for what you have, don’t busy yourself with 'what if’s, because, even if you have a time machine to do those 'what if’s, you can’t be certain how it’ll actually play out.

Or, alternatively, Steins;Gate Lite.


Okay, c’mon people, put the titles in spoiler tags.

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I kinda don’t have a worst . Cose , when I play the demo…I usually know if I’m gonna like the story or not . So most of choiceofgames I brough , even if some were too short for my taste…the writing wasn’t as good as that other mind blowing story…I still have no regret . I still play them from time to time . The best ones of course , like Fallen Hero , drive me bonker and I play them so much…I end up dreaming about them lol .

But the one story , like I said…it isn’t the worst…there is no hate . Just maybe regret . Cose I wasn’t going to play it after testing the demo . I knew that story isn’t my cup of tea .

Homewhever , what happen is that when I finally got the bucks to buy some…I kinda made a mistake . I wanted X story and end up buying one I didn’t like . I mixed the titles .

And that story , just as I though…wasn’t my cup of tea . I don’t like asking for refund . So just went trough it just in case I was wrong but…yeah , I wasn’t wrong . I was bored and the story theme…was so not what I like .


I’d rather titles weren’t shared because if someone reads “written in a windowless rolm while listening to Yakety sax for ten hours” they might be really offended if it’s their game.


Only if you can’t reason why you think that.
If you can it’s possibly valid criticism.


Have you played any games that fit the description of Written in a windowless room listening to ten hours of Yakety Sax?

I feel that’s such a specific visual image that like the game guess who it’s like saying a Character has a pink moustache. It narrows things down.


The worst would be one in which there truly was no choices to make.
The best would be a game filled with a great story and was outstanding in the stats part of the game.


There’s the entire HR pentalogy, but knowing you that can not be what you mean.


Just for you i pmed it to you


The best: You feel awful about yourself and everyone is going to be disappointed in you and you’re gonna love it.

I haven’t played one I’d call ‘the worst.’ I know what I like and am pretty good at judging from a description if something is for me or not, so far no stinkers.


The worst: Somehow feels like bad fanfiction despite being an original universe

The best: The best parts of war are when you’re not shooting people


Best: Romance
Worst: No Romance
Am easily pleased and a sucker for love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Best: Regret and Self identification issues
Worse: Brooding Boi-toys being vague

P. S am I the only one looking at choice games trying to guess?


Best: I’ve been playing since the open beta and there are still things I haven’t done yet.

Worst: Either the author doesn’t know much about the civil rights era or I learned more about their politics than I wanted to.


The Best: Magic using assassin who is trying to learn who his real father is while dealing with a world that’s changing around him.

The Worst: An author self insert where you’re literally playing as him and knowing what I knew of the guy on a forum, he was nobody you’d want to be playing as.


Best: I have a sneaky worry that my love interest is basically me if I was more medieval and good with swords and politics.

Other Best: Proof you can do something original with Vampires.

Other Other Best: Like I’m reading Skyrim. :drooling_face:

I don’t have a worst. Maybe i’m too nice… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Worst: A chaos. It was all over the place and the most confusing story I’ve ever read. Also, the characters might as well have been cardboard cutouts. No personality whatsoever.

Best: A story with a world which seems to be alive together with all its characters. Fleshed out but not overwelmingly so. Never tried to guilt me into something, just a fine and relaxing game.

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My best has got to be where you create life in mechanical form. That game had so many routes and a great story.

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Best : A poignant and grand trek through the life of a self made god, their techbological creation, and the fate of their own planet/humanity.

Worst: A grammatical travesty that never fails to elicit a cascade of tears from any editor.

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