Without naming the game how would you describe the best and worst CYOA games you've played.?


Best was the one that got me on the edge the entire series. Hated the antagonist at first but once their backstory was revealed, I felt bad for them and I wished they were a RO but they weren’t. :pensive:

Worst one was the one that honestly just felt like a chore to read. I was excited to read it at first (basically me everytime a new HG or CoG story comes out). But as I kept reading, I became even more and more bored and felt like the story wasn’t going anywhere, and it really did NOT go anywhere, sad to say.


All these descriptions make me desperately wish to know names of these games.
For me best was: a detective story in steampunk setting, inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Yes, I am quite easy to please.
Worst was: illusion of choice and stupid way for touch many social pressing issues and zero effort to properly address them.


Pretty sure I know what that second one is…


Best: A game where you can master the arcane arts and bring glory to a ruined kingdom.

Worst: A ‘’’’‘sci fi’’’’’ book which desperately tries to be deep and meaningful, but falls flat on its face due to the endless political commentary it shoves down the reader’s throat.


UGH I feel so left out because I have no idea what any of these are! The “shoehorned political commentary” one seems common… I wonder if these are references to the same work or if they’re all different…

(My worst one has that complaint too, but I suspect it’s not what everyone else was talking about?)


Solid bet they were talking about the HR series

I’ve been reading Hosted Games and Choice of Games since Dragon came out on iOS :joy:


Best: good romance intriguing story not as stat heavy
Worst: stat reliant and made me want to restart the game at every wrong choice.
Other worst one: really damn boring


Ah geeze. I don’t even have a game put out and yet this thread still makes me nervous. :sweat_smile:

Best - Your best friend really just wants to be close to you again but has some …strange ideas on how to go about doing that. Plus you can fall in love with an excellent back massager.

Another would be your long time friend and assistant is the best! awkward wall-space kisser to exist. Also, there’s a lot of spooky things.

A sharp witted thief steals your heart and rides the daring boat races into the whimsical sunset.

I kind of just described my favorite ro’s, but hey! They are quite memorable.

Worst - Hm I don’t know. I think the demo offers a pretty good view of a game and I haven’t purchased any I didn’t think I’d like. So…none! (Cop outs work okay)


It’s interesting how few of these I can figure out, considering that I have played so many of the published games, and almost all WIPs (at some point, not all the updates).

There’s some I think must be from outside of CoG, but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot I’m missing the reference to.


Worst: Game basically forcing my character to do something contradictory to my previous choice(s) :confounded:

Best: It’s where the main character is the most complex character in the stories.


Worst: Game basically forcing my character to do something contradictory to my previous choice(s)
Best: It’s where the main character is the most complex character in the stories.

maybe your “worst” MC is just a complex character. :upside_down_face:


Best: Your choices actually matter and whatever you want to do (personally) that option is always there.
Worst: You could as well choose a ‘shoe’ as your choice, coz your choices don’t matter


If the mc is the most complex character in comparison to the supporting casts two dimensional motivations or personality, then yes that would be a problem.


Best: Probably the most complex and “human” MC that I’ve played as, despite them being…not quite human. I just want to give them a hug at the end of the day.

Worst: Nobody gives a damn about the politics! We just want to do things, dammit! (This one’s a dead give-away tho :yum: )


Could you Pm me the titles of those games.


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It’s an automatic success in my book. I try not to be militant about how much I love it, but the graceful writing sucked me into the work and allowed me to feel empathy for both the characters and the world it portrayed. A lovely blend of spirit and mechanics.

This had the potential to be a favorite. The first few chapters were engaging, the prose was sensual and alluring, and the striking characters and events it introduced absolutely got me hooked. Then the demo ended and it seemed like the author didn’t care anymore.

For what it’s worth, I judge a book far more harshly for setting up promises and expectations, and then tossing said promises and expectations into a dumpster and setting the dumpster on fire. Gramattical errors are superficial by comparison.


There are a lot more references to Star Wars and Star Trek than I thought there would be given that the MC is a Marshal.

Other best:
I knew what was going to happen because of the source material and it still gave me an anxiety attack thinking I got someone killed because I choose wrong. It happened to two different characters in two successive chapters.

Other other best:
Why do all these magical schools not teach math and why couldn’t I have gone to such a school?

It took me way to long to notice that all the bad people seem to be “fat” which actually tells me a lot about the author.

Other worst:
Stop trying to force this lady on me. I don’t want to sleep with her and already said no like three times!

Other other worst:
I’m sorry, I must have been spacing out. Why do you assume that I find this lady sexy again?


Best: Harem. All jokes aside, we all know the best is a story about two friends/lovers destined to end up on opposite sides :wink:. Worst: slugger. Enough said.


Ummmm this is heroes rise or versus being named as worst out of how many posts?