Without naming the game how would you describe the best and worst CYOA games you've played.?


We already knew it was a polarizing game.


Best: No romance

Worst: Romance


Wouldn’t polarizing mean there’d be SOME naming it as best?


Best: Sexy vampires help detective mc solve a murder in a small town

Other Best: Survivor group fights off zombies in a church

Worst: Game had an interesting premise but ultimately the lack of multiple “right” choices makes it a bit of a chore to play more than one way


But… Romance is Everything :cry::cry:


Perhaps not for everyone, myself included.


Best:It’s a western,and it’s long.Duh
Worst:We can’t be together because I’m a maid and you are ambitious


Best: Beating a rebellion into Rebellion
Worst: Vamps being Vague


“You feel my pain!”


Given the vagueness of half the posts upthread, if you’re actually confident that none of the “bests” had a Sergi game in mind, I’d suggest that reflects the extent of your antipathy rather than anything about popular opinion.

But when I said we knew it was polarizing…I mean, haven’t we been down this road a thousand times already? Sergi is one of CoG’s most popular and successful authors–probably the most successful of anyone who’s not a partner. He’s always had an intense anti-fandom on the forums, too, and as his work has leaned hard into politics it’s found new detractors. But you don’t have to dig deep to find people who love his work.


I could name other things that are lacking in quality (and could be so much better) yet are popular, but eh…

So, back to topic.


Best, well one of the best: I actually felt a bit of what the character was feeling in certain moments.
Worst:I can’t pinpoint what was so bad about the writing, just that it was a struggle to keep reading. My mc was also forced into a relationship with a woman just for being nice even when he said in a previous choice that he was gay.


Worst: Published game. Bad English.

Best: I’m very nostalgic about a few games before the forum change so I’ll pick out of them. Charon.


Best: Action-packed Japanese soap opera.

Other best: Rotting corpses that can surprisingly run very fast roam the earth.

Worst: Was somehow able to make one of my favorite periods of history seem boring and unappealing.


Can you pm me your worst? I can’t for the life of me figure it out.


Maybe not, maybe so?


Switch these around and you get mine.


Best: I’m broke and don’t mind everything burning to flames. Also use plastic for everything.

Other best: I heard you like Revolution, Treason and the occasional converting?

Otherer Best: Lots of flirting and repressed sexual tension.

Worst: Stat Hell and micro managing. At some point I was so focused on those check points that the whole plot flew over my head.


Best: I can indulge all my terrible urges.

Worst: I didn’t even make it to the end of the demo (this is so many games).


Let us kneel to the mighty Lord Malin!



Bests: Superheroes in the present
Worsts: Superheroes in the future