What is the worst ending you got?

If this kind of topic has already been created, then please forgive me

Alright. Everyone have gotten bad endings or sudden deaths in COG. Early deaths are really annoying. Hell, losing your RO’s trust is worse. And I’m a very picky person. I usually choose which stat I want to boost. I mainly focus on Intelligence or wit. So when I accidently raise a stat that would break my perfectly well-planned character, I restart. I know that it’s very annoying, but everytime I choose something wrong, lower a stat I want, or simply accidently lower a relationship with a RO I restart, no matter how minor the problem was.

And when you play the whole game and get an ending that displeases you is even worse. And of course, this thread will contain spoilers so please include a warning in your post :slight_smile:

Okay, so this ending is from a game called ‘‘Blood for Poppies’’. I helped Poppy with the clone machine and asked Ashton for help. In order to make another clone we had to sacrifice a life. Too bad that Ashton was Kel’s brother and he got pissed about it. Kel was my desired RO. Fml. Then I escaped from the place where all the ‘‘freaks’’ were imprisoned in. I asked Kel to go with me but he rejected me.


Like that ending where I suffered a life-threatening injury and failed the match at SLAMMED?
Oh, no, there’s another one: where I died a horrible death by my robot because he rebelled against me in Choice of Robots.
Hmm, when my character committed suicide in Sabres of Infinity?
Ah, when my movie was a disaster in Hollywood Visionary.
When I died by the Kraken in Choice of Pirates?
Honestly, I don’t remember them all.


I have never gotten an ending I really liked in Choice of the Star Captain, which stinks because I love that game.

I’ve either been locked up until after the war, blown up and made a symbol for peace (which was the best fof me, anyway, even if it was my dumb choice that got me blown up) or caused the downfall of the human race.

I’m also not a fan of one of the endings in Mecha Ace where you become a miserable space pirate with Hawkins and the rebellion is crushed. It was also pretty lame since getting Hawkins to love me was hard enough!


Oh yeah, I remember that one.

On one hand, okay, sure, living just for the thrill of fighting reallistically can’t end well, even if you’re damn good at it - especially if you’re damn good at it. On the other hand, game, stop raining on my parade, will you?


Well for me it would be Affairs of the Court: Choice of Romance This game was very bittersweet to me, it was really frustrating when Agustina betrayed me or trapped me in a dungeon on suspicion of treason.


Can’t believe you guys didn’t love that mecha ace ending, I did :slight_smile: . Especially as what with the lack of emotion and monotones my mc truly was like Hero Yuy. But ahem this is bad endings, mentioned this a few times before but for me it’s alter ego. This game bullies me so bad xd. My parents always die early on, and one ending I spent all my time trying to find love only to fail, so as a result had bad health too, and in another I was only with my husband as I never chose any relationship activities as they always ended badly :stuck_out_tongue: , so it was a relationship that only lasted due to sheer desperation and fear of loneliness, lovely :stuck_out_tongue: . And the sabres ending was a good one for me, which is kinda why I only played that game once or twice. I struggle to relate to the infinity mc, I ran away at the end, and my mc definatley wouldn’t feel a lack of honour or anything :stuck_out_tongue: .
Also divided we fall. All endings, can that game even end well? It’s a game about the Spanish civil war, there’s a lot of endings I’ve gotten, but not one good.

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Last time I played Choice of Romance, I got exiled and lived out the rest of my life as a goat herder!


Hmm… I remember a game where because I led myself male organ first I killed one(or all) of my friends, gave the other one an lobotomy, just for a demon mistress only to end with a lobotomy(thus forgetting everything about the adventure) myself in the end.

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I was killed in a zoo.


Well for me it would be Affairs of the Court: Choice of Romance This game was very bittersweet to me, it was really frustrating when Agustina betrayed me or trapped me in a dungeon on suspicion of treason.[/quote]

I hear you, I got that ending about twenty times. My MC was completely in love with the Queen, so he could only survive in the end by throwing Gabriela under the bus.

Also Choice of Robots where MC escaped while his wife was killed by his robot, he had to shut down all the rebelling robots himself, and he refused surgery because he didn’t care to live any longer. And the MC who would have conquered Alaska if she hadn’t snuck back into US to see her Mum.


Personally with me the Infinity Series doesn’t really start until you get to guns. Because the experience of Sabre really makes the character feel like your own and they are somebody. It’s a good thing I noticed Paul does he give you as blank of a slate an archetype and let you really play with it. This case of Hidalgo all we literally are just the son of somebody.

I feel the suicide ending that was both terrible and organic while fantastic.

My character became a demon puppet to the man who killed his child, husband and all his friends



Where did you get that?
Edit: neighborhood necromancer: no matter which choice i got captured by the intruders

Lost Heir 3


Wait that Zachary Comstock sounding fellow kills your spawn

Don’t know who that is but in the end it says something about your kid and everyone else’s heads on a spike or something like that

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You know Mr Z the "friendly " demonsummonor

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I’ve gotten a lot of bad endings over my time reading, but most of the time it was on purpose (I like digging around for endings). The worst ending I genuinely got, due to a screwup on my part? Hmm…

I think the worst endings I’ve gotten are the ones where I get so close, then everything falls apart.

-The time I got everyone I knew killed in Evertree Inn because I failed.
-The time I got drugged and died in a cataclysmic explosion on a highway in Moreytown
-The time I came so close to saving Kendrikstone, only to be defeated by the Wizard and die a failure

Those are some of my worst.


Hmmmm let’s see

  1. Having my dragoon desert in blogia only to end up killing himself
  2. Becoming a demon slave to the man who murdered my parents, wife and child along with destroying my kingdom
  3. Dying saving alexandere’s life in the eagle’s heir
  4. Dying from an ambush set up by my nemesis after turning hero and then being revived to serve as a teacher in grand academy for future villains