Have you ever felt frustrated in a CoG game?

  • Yes, I have felt frustrated because of the mechanics within the game.
  • Yes, I have felt frustrated because of story-base elements that occur.
  • I have suffered from both of these issues when playing.
  • I’ve felt a bit confused here and there but I wouldn’t use “frustration” or “anger” to describe it. (Game-wise)
  • I’ve felt utterly confused and a bit mislead but I wouldn’t use “frustration” or “anger” to describe it. (Story-wise)
  • No, I have never felt this way. I’ve FULLY enjoyed all games I played both official and hosted.

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There’s been many times when I felt cheated or a bit saddened by the story.
In other instances like SoH I had to reset millions of times because of my OCD of getting my attunement perfect even if it meant breaking character, lol.


At some point, yes. Some CoGs and HGs got me to the point of frustration especially the ones with stat heavy stories. I think TWC is the only game I played without problems or worries. XD


I feel your pain there, friend… I still haven’t gotten perfect attunement in SoH3…

Still, I would say for the most part I haven’t had too many experiences in CoGs that left me feeling angry or frustrated but I can’t say it never happens either.


I have come to accept that I will never will have a perfect attunement as long as I don’t go below 50. XD Maybe I 'll look into the code to see the flow.

Even though I have some frustration in some of my games, they are still my favorite. XD

I only started purchasing HG/CoG titles since last year November ( before that i was mostly reading free titles ) , so far of the 10-15 titles i purchase … i fully enjoy each and every one of them :wink:

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“Mules. I. Need. MORE. MULEESSSS.” -My Choice of Rebels MC

“B-but sir, we took them a-”



With good strategy , those mules were more than enough to survive the winter :wink:

I have yet to play XoR (I already bought it) but I see lots of posts about those mules.


I only get frustrated when i choose an option but then accidentally push the wrong option that is completely opposite to what i wanted and then have to start the story again from the beginning no Matter how far im in… i will always start over from the beginning if i make a mistake even a small one. I get frustrated then.


RNG RNG I hate it with a passion and had it frustrate to the point I never finished The Great Tournament and there have been others where RNG pushed me over the edge.


Fatehaven. The only game I never finished…


Stats have never bothered me- but some stories have. Most acutely in Tally Ho, when you just can’t get rid of Figs no matter what you do. That’s a story element that I hate to go through during every replay. :disappointed_relieved:


Figs is the reason I played this game only once even tho I really like everything else in it.
(Edit: But considering I didn’t delete the game yet there’s still hope…)


Why you want to delete the game after paying for it?

I don’t mind screwing Figs over and over again…


My usual frustration comes when the game pushes a love interest on me - pet peeve numero uno. Black Magic from Heroes Rise, Breden from Choice of Rebels, and to a lesser extent Gabriel(a) in Affairs of the Court are all frustrating due to how obnoxiously the narrative pushes them on you. (The Monarch from AotC and Taylor from Psy High earned a pass for different reasons, but they were still annoying.)

Mechanically, a very minor frustration in The Lost Heir is that there’s no way to clear your save box.


If I don’t plan to play a game anymore then I delete it to free up some space (even if these games don’t take up much space) and since I payed for it I can download it again anytime I want should I change my mind about it later.


In terms of gameplay The Lost Heir is kinda frustrating. Mainly the third game where you have to follow very specific paths if you want to not fail everything and if you do fail you might need to restart from game one…


I could start naming them and why I was so specifically enraged, but I’d be here all day so here are a few general reasons:

  • Terrible stats system ( I feel a compulsion for min-maxing and when games are inconsistent about what kind of choices affect which stats, that is a solid I’m out for me)

  • Forced bad endings ( is it really a CYOA if there’s an inherently correct, best or true ending with other bad ones being jammed in to railroad the players? the longer the game, the more annoying this is)

  • Too much exposition ( if a game relies too heavily on the players having to learn something specialized either within the game or beforehand, it’s an instant turn-off for me)


For mechanics, as many other people have mentioned, poor stats are definitely frustrating. I don’t want to play a game where 90% of the choices are “What’s your highest stat?”

For story, what frustrates me most are fake ROs (this includes dead ROs). It’s fine to have ROs who can end up dying or leaving the MC, but to force it takes away from the player’s ability to choose.


Would you mind very much if I asked you to elaborate on this? :thinking:
I believe I have an idea of what you’re talking about, but I can’t think of any specific examples.

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