Which character do you dislike?


So in every COG game, demo or W.I.P there’s always this one character that ticks you off. Or in some cases, many characters. Tell me the character or characters you dislike the most in COG games. It can be from a half-finished game, a demo or from a finished hosted game. This topic is made purerly for fun and not to insult any authors or someone else’s opinion. Of course, some may disagree with your opinion but remember that it’s their opinion and it’s not going to hurt you. Alright, so tell me the character/characters you wanna punch in the face!

I’ll start; Sage from Children of the Gods. The game itself is good, and I enjoyed it very much. bUT SAGE I DID NOT KILL YOUR BROTHER STOP BEING SO BUTTHURT.

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Jury from Heroes Rise. Such an arrogant character and it always felt so satisfying​ having the option to either break his nose with a punch or straight up knock him out with your powers and I always made it a point to screw him over in the ending of HeroFall.

Sage from Children of the Gods for the same reason that you posted. Couldn’t care any less about her brother that I killed before he would had killed me. Get over it Sage, your brother got himself possessed. Definitely wasn’t my fault in any shape or form.

And lastly, Basho from Samurai of Hyuga. I really really really hate being manipulated into doing tasks for him like writing a dumb poem and SoH3 has left a very sour view of him to me, and I hope that Devon will give me the choice to slowly torture him to death. He deserves that and more.


Oh god, Sage. Didn’t we have the option to not kill her brother? I chose that option. Then her brother called the MC weak, and fled. And now he’s dead? Unless the game is glitched, because I did in fact find many errors in the game mechanism. You can’t choose/pick some options such as; agreeing with Athena when she tells you to be Calypso’s friend and you can’t pick Calypso to scout with you in the Trials. So maybe the mercy-option is actually glitched and it automatically told the game I killed the brother when I actually decided to let him go. But again, the game isn’t finished so maybe Sage will find out that I didn’t kill her brother. Some people chose to kill him, so that might lead to a different route. And this whole time, I was like: ‘‘Girl who told you that. Don’t believe everything you hear’’. Then she proceeds to call us psycopaths.


He didn’t flee. He jumped off of the top of the building you were in, committing suicide for whatever reason. But yeah Cronus probably possessed him and did all of those in Saxon’s body with him not realizing what was going on. But Rohie is currently revamping the entire story from scratch so she’s probably​ going to add new material and work out the bugs.

Really? Because in the game it said that he jumped off the rooftop, but we never heard a thud (Yes, the game actually stated it). So I assumed that he fled because the MC couldn’t hear bones cracking or a body falling to the ground. But maybe he did commit suicide? Thanks for the info though, this clears up a lot of confusion for me.

He’s always dead. He disappears after the incident and you can see him kill himself with a pill at Olympus. Unless I’m thinking of someone else.

That was the same guy? What?
I’d have to go back to CotG to see that but I didn’t see that it was Saxon that took the pill.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Tom-- from Zombie Exodus, I believe it is.

I need to replay some of these games, honestly. Also, I’d like to throw my hat onto the ‘We hate Sage’ bandwagon.


Oh damn. I must be really ignorant then. I never saw or read about it in the demo, maybe because I chose the wrong route or choices. Thank you so much for the info! And now this proves that Sage really needs a good punch in the face.

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Keep in mind I haven’t played the latest no papa Hades version but I’m pretty sure if he’s alive then it’s him.

Well I have to admit that I always killed Saxon, always. There was one or two times that I allowed him to live but I don’t really remember seeing Saxon alive again after that. And I’m kinda sure that if Saxon came back to Olympus, Hermes would had known about it somehow and went to find him, I mean we are talking about the messanger of the gods himself that has great speed and is aware when someone used his magic that no one used in centuries.

I hate Masa from Samurai of Hyuga and Kou during their standoffish phase.

It seems logical he disappeared on a “peaceful” mission to retrieve us, plus even still we always strike first when they find us, because we were afraid.

“I’m sorry I killed your brother Sage I wanted Hades to be my father.”


Hades was definitely the best dad ever. Posideon is alright in my book but he seems pretty carefree while Zeus has a stick up his… Well, you know the phrase. I’m sad that Hades can’t be the dad anymore but I’m definitely okay with him being an uncle.

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Is it 'cause of the dad bug, or have they totally taken him out of the possible father running? I haven’t played CotG in a looong time and that worries me!

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Rohie took Hades out as a option of a father. Only Zeus and Posideon can be the dad, however there might be a chance that Rohie will remove Posideon, making Zeus the permanent father of the MC. The story is currently being rewritten so who knows when the new material will be out.

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Aw, man… that totally sucks. But if it helps focus the story to have just one possible dad, I can get over it.

As a person, there are plenty of unsavory types in Choice of Games, Hosted Games, and the WIPs. Milius Black-Clad, the general from Choice of Kung Fu, Sherrif Preston, Prodigal. As a character? Hm… it’s hard for me to find a character in these games that I find unlikable, strictly as a character.

The MC from Heroes Rise, I guess. The sibling from Demon Mark, mostly because you get one intimate moment with them before they’re whisked off as a MacGuffin. The protagonists of 3Games, mostly because I find their particular voices very same-y.


Interestingly enough: ALL characters (except Jury and sorta Crush) from heroes rise. Jury has so much potential and instead sergi has him be the constant butt-monkey… why exactly?

I also never really warmed up for any of the characters in Cannonfire Concerto, dunno why.
Hedonist from CCH (So… mission accomplished by the author?)

and on a personal note (which worries me a little):

I have developed a deep-seated hatred from one of the villains in my game. It’s at the point that I’m having equally too much fun writing them as I want to punch my monitor out of frustration over their vileness


There’s a good few, so I’ll list just five. There’s a good few from the heros series, but the grandma is the top of my list. Thinking she knows what’s best for the mc, trying to control your life, and you’re kinda forced into caring about her, when I really didn’t care about her in the slightest.

The bad guy from guenevere(been a while since I’ve played the yp, his name is hard to spell as it’s not exactly common :stuck_out_tongue: but begins with an m) he hurts your faye cat(or dog if you for some crazy reason chose that :stuck_out_tongue: ) I can understand villains hurting and killing people, but animals? That’s just going too far. But yeah in all forms of media, games, films etc I always care way more when animals get hurt, animals are much, much easier to like than people. I can’t wait till we get the chance to kill that guy.

The posh socialite from double cross. Don’t know what her name is, really don’t care, my mc doesn’t get the chance to talk to her really, as she asks you your motivation for being a body guard, and if you pick for the action(as I do) she gets all snooty, looking down on you and doesn’t want to speak with you further. What a massive bitch.

Ellie from choice of robots, and the reporter too. They tried to get in the way of my plan to overthro humanity. My mc especially hated the reporter, as they liked him and his distane for the government, and he could’ve made for a good side kick if he hadn’t stood in my way. There’s a massive gap between my 4th and 5th entry, not sure for a fith entry. But probably your whole family from choice of the rockstar. Caspa is an awful bandmate, and I can never get him to stay without giving into all of his demands, and apparently you can have a family rock band, yet I’ve never managed to get it, and have no idea how you do.

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A kind of subverted answer to the topic.

I wrote Victor to be a character people disliked and it was very surprising that people actually seemed to like him.