Tell me your top 5 favorite COG characters


I just want to know which character you like the most. It can be from any game on this website. Even characters from demos. I want to know why and from which game too! It would be really fun to know everyone’s favorite characters.

So let’s fangirl together!

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Rebellion (should have been a RO) Heroes series, Prodigal Heroes series, Roxanne from Vampire house, Momo from Samurai series, and Junko (wonder if she is a RO) also from Samurai series.


Oh, Roxanne? Same here! Elizabeth and Roxanne is bae, even though the MC did peg a rock at Elizabteh’s window :stuck_out_tongue:


The end of that story arc (Roxanne) was really good.

I think Rebellion would have been an amazing RO, too bad it wasn’t a choice.

I love Prodigal’s character development and although I didn’t pick her as my head cannon RO (I went for Jenny) her romance arc is beautifully tragic.

Momo is another tragic case and adds a lot of tension and friction between the MC and Hatch. They both have strong feelings for her and it makes my MC feel horrible to do this to him, but she while normally calculated (but extremely perverted, snow monkey ftw) choose to follow her heart and desires in this situation.

I really hope Junko is a RO because this would be an amazing story arc to follow as well. They already have a history (a romantic history, if it can be called that) and the fact they tried to kill each other adds something to it I think, It’s a love hate type of thing I’m kinda digging it.


Love this topic already!

  1. Prodigal - Herofall series
  2. Jess - Lost heir series
  3. Dusk - The Superlative
  4. Miss Caraway - Tin star
  5. Haze - Tally ho
    Should I go on? Lol.

I love Junko! I love Toshie more though but will totally romance Junko. Right after Toshie of course!


Had to edit Prodigal’s name. I remember the character well but I forgot her name lol. It’s been awhile since I’ve read it.

I would have explored other ROs in the first two books but we were kind of shoe horned into Momo’s arc. Lucky for me I liked her.

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My favorite characters are:

  1. Lucky - Heroe’s Rise
  2. Hawkins - Mecha Ace
  3. Elizabeth - Vampire House
  4. Alexandra - A Study in Steampunk
  5. Stoic - Community College Hero

Hard to just pick 5. :slight_smile: The only Choice of Games I’m really into so far are Tin Star, Lost Heir, Life of a Wizard, and Life of a Mobster. From those I like most the characters Caraway, Richard Hartigan, and Yiska (Tin Star); Dana ‘Pipes’ Mancini and Daniel deLuca (LofaM); Kragpok the Orc Chieftain’s Daughter and the Golem (LofaW, Kragpok’s name is awesome and marrying her to the King is just too funny) and from Lost Heir the following characters:

  • Zusak
  • Jess/Jace
  • Theo/Thea
  • Karl/Karla
  • Bran/Brinn
  • Lord Tovar

They’re all good characters with a meaningful role to play if you interpret them correctly. I give honorable mention to Gale/Gill, Peter/Petra, Selina, Tyborr, Master Jett, and General Vale as other important memorable characters from the Lost Heir series.


Oh yeah! Of course Stoic! My first choice of ro in the book

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Oh god this is hard… um… if I took out ROs (because if I didn’t they would take up the whole list) I would have to say:

  1. Lloyd from Choice of Star Chaptain
  2. MC’s grandma from Heroes Rise
  3. Jun from Samurai of Hyuga (I might be cheating on my no RO rule with them??)
  4. Douglas from Wayhaven Chronicles
  5. Professor McCormick from Community College Hero

True! The MC’s grand ma is awesome. Oh! Don’t forget the MC’s best friend

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I never finished that one, I think I’ll try now. I usually went with Tress in the beginning (it’s available early). When does Stoic’s arc start?

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Yea me too. Never dated Stoic. Is that even possible?

I couldn’t say because I never finished the story.

  1. The MC, from Samurai of Hyuga. The most satisfying “voice” I’ve heard from a COG or HG so far.
  2. Hawkins from Mecha Ace. Definitely an A+ Char Clone.
  3. Cazarosta. Cold, ruthless, and utterly dedicated to a society that despises him and ideals that many are quick to dismiss due to his birth.
  4. Regina from Tally Ho! Being only one of two somewhat sane individuals in the entire series, and causing a sudden genre shift to “spy thriller” at every appearance.
  5. de Vega from AotC. A haughty and inscrutable man who ultimately puts the future of Iberia first.

Samurai of Hyuga? Oooh, nice. I personally like Toshio, even though there were a few moments when I really wanted to slap him. Gotta love the headstrong one!


I forgot she was flipable. I always choose females for supporting cast.

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I’m not alone! I actually just replayed AotC, and I was reminded of how much I liked him as a character. He may not be quite so fleshed out as the characters in the newer games, but he still has a good deal of appeal, in my opinion.

I agree with this whole-heartedly. Rebellion can really act as a mentor for the MC, and I love mentor-student relationships, personally.

My favorites:

  1. Dev from Heart of the House. He’s sweet, does what he believes is right regardless of how the MC feels, and has a very, very nice romance arc.
  2. Zvad from XoR. I loved having him as my deputy. I accidentally got him killed in one playthrough, and I rushed through the rest of the chapter so I could make sure he lived.
  3. Gawain from Pendragon Rising. I almost never hear anyone talk about Pendragon Rising, which is a shame as it’s one of my favorite games (though I can only play it as Arthur – I really don’t care for the huge switch in every character’s gender). He’s one of my favorite RO’s, and imo a fairly well-developed character among CS games.
  4. Jury, specifically from HeroFall. I have a weakness for enemies to lovers, and one thing that bothered me about the Heroes Rise series was how you were forced to be nothing but enemies with Jury in the first two games. And I don’t care what Redemption Season says, Jury and my MC are still together.
  5. de Vega from Affairs of the Court. I think he’s one of the better and more interesting characters in AotC. The characters I play usually get one well with him and I love that there’s the option in romance him in Til Death.

@Fawkes Wait, you’re the author of The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia right?
Oh my, gotta admit; Your demo is really enjoyable!