Favourite Female RO's

So I noticed there was a favourite Male RO topic but not a favourite female RO topic (unless there is and I just didn’t see it in my search!)

Who is your favourite Female RO(s) in Choice of Games/Hosted Games and why are they your favourite ROs? What draws you to them?


I really like Alexandra in A Study in Steampunk! She was the first character I romanced in that game and I enjoyed her rebellious, idealistic personality. I also love Eira in Asteroid Run for her directness and badass attitude.


Sally from Mind Blind.

Aki from A Tale of Heroes.

  • Daelynn from Soul Stone War, honourable mention to Eledwen
  • Toshie from Samurai of Hyuga (at least until book 3)
  • Tress (my very first cyoa RO) and Dirty Girl from Community College Hero
  • Meredith and Verity from Hero of the Myth

Honourable mention to Ava and Morgan from Wayheaven Chronicles


Seraphina, Astrid, Cressida, and Thalia from keeper of the sun and moon, Sally and Kenna from mind blind, caraway from tin star, Meredith from heroes of myth, Junko from samurai of Hyuga, Wakefield from choice of the deathless, Hawkins from Mecca Ace, Anna, Raquel, and Hayne from breach, Hayes from tally ho, Abi from the great tournament, Anne from life of a mercenary, Maria and Cleo from relics of the lost age, Lada from I, the forgotten one, and Jess from lost heir, in no particular order


Fitzie from Jolly Good and Morgan from Wayhaven, because SNARK!

Honourable mention to Farrah from Wayhaven and Aki from A Tale of Heroes, who’re just the most preciousest of cinnamon rolls.

Tentative nomination (because I missed the demo, and CoG is taking FOREVER to publish it) to the Amazonian from Relics of the Lost Age 2, who was playful in Relics 1 and who will, I was told by the author, in fact, bring the snark!


My top three would be Katarina from the Dragoon Saga, Prodigal from Heroes Rise and Argent from Fallen Hero.


Carrie from Blood Moon WIP.
Lysandra from Calling of Metem’s Hollow WIP (RIP)
Katia from The Keeper series.
Daelynn from The Soul Stones War
Heather from Zombie Exodus.
Bailey from Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. (And the only time I picked a shy and quiet female character as an RO).
Ava Du Mortain from The Wayhaven’s Chronicle.
Alessa from The Golden Rose WIP (Which soon be released)

Honorable Mentions:
Daisy from The Evertree Saga
Yusuha from A Mage Reborn WIP
Kiana from Golden WIP


usually I don’t romance anyone bc female character are kinda mediocre, but I do love alessa from the golden rose, argent from fallen hero, carrie from blood moon and khiita from faith of gods.


Nat from Wayhaven is definitely my favorite, smart girls always are my preferred pick, and she’s the most pleasant of the team next to Farah, who is also lovely. Nothing against Ava and Morgan though.

Eledwen and Daelynn are also a fab poly relationship for my shy male MC over in Soul Stone War.

I LOVED Hartmann from Creme de la Creme, even though I had originally gone in to romance Freddie (who is also lovely). Total Emma Watson vibes off both of them and I am down for that. :sweat_smile:

Leah from the Evertree Saga for our long standing Male Brownie and Female Human relationship. (I love games which let you date humans from the non human perspective).


Astrid from the Keeper series although there may be others from different series I have not read yet


As I’m planning to write a female RO myself, I was curious as to why you usually find the average female RO mediocre in a choice game so I can see if I’m committing any obvious errors in my writing.

Is it the personality written for them? Do they lack meaningful character development arcs? Is their physical description lacking in terms of evocativeness?

Or is it something else entirely?


Maria Agustina Toledo y Santarosa and Carrie Caraway are top of my female RO list, both of them are characters from Tin Star

Both has distinguish charisma that hook me into longing for them

Maria possess the elegantly enigma of a blood blood lady who is not the usual damsel in distress, she is calm and hold a cool demeanor towards all happenings , most importantly she considers the importance of logic in all reasoning and judge others based on deeds and actions, not lips service

Most importantly, Maria is sincere and idealistic and in her opinions of true love, She notes that her and her first husband were a good match, had many things in common, and she reflects upon his death with genuine sorrow. All these even though her first husband was 20 years her seniors.

Carrie is passionate , loyal and the perfect companion for any adventure


Lady Katarina from the dragoon saga is my all time favorite. The second would be Lady Argent, then carrie (blood moon), and Alessa from the golden rose :thinking:


Nat from the Wayhaven series. (I do also really like Farah, Ava, and Morgan, but I’m trying not to just say everyone.
Seraphina and Cressida from Keeper of Sun and Moon series (Katia and Astrid are honorable mentions).
Meredith from Heroes of Myth
Carrie from Blood Moon (WIP)
Ortega and Lady Argent from Fallen Hero
Ruby and Jane from Fernweh Saga (WIP)
Rosie from Mind Blind (WIP)

there are other ROs i like quite a bit but those are the ones i’ve come back to a lot and done multiple routes/games of. especially Nat, i have so many Nat saves lol.


Gonna throw my hat in the ring here and say Morgan from Wayhaven. I am a woman who likes the strong, bad-girl type (in stories, at least). Demean me then express your immediate attraction for me. Makes me swoon every time and I have no idea why.

Also doing Morgan’s playthrough as a demisexual is possibly one of the most angsty routes I’ve ever done, and I’m all for it.


Caraway from Tin Star. She’s my favourite RO and I love her story. She kept me guessing the most and was really intriguing.

Also Lada from I, the forgotten one. I enjoy every interaction I have with her character and appreciate small added in details. For example, (contains a game spoiler) I really enjoyed the detail of Lada learning about stitching with animals. It made her feel very human to me and cemented her resourcefulness when compared with any male peers having things more accessibleto them.

These characters work so well for me because they are fleshed out. You don’t feel like you’re interacting with a character created just to entice the player. They are opinionated and very much their own characters.


Anne from Life of a Mercenary;
Alessa from The Golden rose;
Morgan from Wayhaven chronicles;
Lady Argent from Fallen Hero;
Raquel from Breach:TAJ;
Kate from Magium

And I just noticed what is common among them, why these ROs are my favourite…


carrie from blood moon and cyril from arcadie second born, I do like others of course but they’re my absolute favorite


What was the reason? If you don’t mind sharing :slight_smile:

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