Ideal Romance Option- Appearance & Personality?

I’m a ChoiceScript beginner with a game in mind. I’ve got a few ROs in my mind, but I thought I’d ask you what you’d want to see in an RO? What would your ideal RO’s appearance and personality be like?

What would their height, build, face shape, hair color/length, eye color be? Would they be introverts or extroverts or ambiverts? Would they prize brain over brawn? Are they book smart or street smart? What archetypes do they embody? What are their strengths and their weaknesses? What flaws do they have? Would they have any unique mannerisms or quirks? What is their approach to love? Do they fear it or embrace it? How is their temperament? What about their morality? Are there any emotions they are particularly afraid of, or really resent having to feel? What first impressions do they try to create? Does it contrast with how they truly are (eg. someone with a tough, unapproachable exterior having a heart of 24k gold)? How does your MC initially feel about them? How does their romance with the MC develop? What trope does it follow (eg. enemies to friends to lovers, love triangle, reunited lovers)?


An ideal RO for me is one the game isn’t pushing in my face aggressively. If you give descriptions for a RO’s appearance, even if being conventional attractive is part of said description don’t assume I or my MC will feel attracted to said RO or otherwise I’m not into said RO’s gender. (I hate games that do that. People can have types abd people can feel attracted to different things, the moment you give a detailed description of a RO’s appearance you should give the option for players to say “Yeah not my type” without having to force them to lie about their sexuality. If you want to just say this character is attractive including for the MC then just write that, but the moment you give detailed descriptions it totally can clash with the players idea of attractive.)
Same with having to be nice to characters just because they are ROs. Can being mean block me from their romance path? Of course! But I don’t like if the game starts with telling me stuff like “You know this character and you have to like them because of some stuff that happened off screen for the player”.

But generally I don’t think there is an ideal RO? Especially because very often characters that are just here to be ROs…well, you can notice. And also because people have different tastes. I’m sometimes suprised about the characters I get attached to but it rarely are those that feel only as add on. I think I can see the interesting in most characters as long as they are well writen, so as long that’s a given I’m sure I will be interested in trying out the romance path of those characters.


Make them interesting in their own right.
As dull as this may sound, there’s not use (IMHO) to try and create THE PERFECT RO.
If the library of CoG/HG has shown one thing, then that there’s not such thing as the ‘perfect RO’.
Some people like a**holes with a heart of gold, some like nightmare-fuel station attendants, some like the quiet ones etc


An interesting character on itself is, in my opinion, already a good potential RO.
Even looks aren’t much important in the end. The “ideal” RO is way too subjective.


I’d say that appearance doesn’t really matter in a text-based game. :thinking: (In a game where I’d have to look at him a lot, I might be a bit more discriminatory, but I can afford to be open minded here… :innocent:) It wouldn’t hurt if he had red hair, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for personality, well… it depends? I mean, I like a guy who’s friendly and protective, or a lovable rascal, or an insecure wannabe tough guy, or a timid nerd, or… :thinking: So, yeah, even for one person, there’s not one single “ideal” RO. :sweat_smile: Ideally, there’d be at least three cute guys for me to choose my favourite from. :blush:


Appearance doesn’t really matter all that much. (Kinda a sucker for ladies with shorter hair though…cough)
My taste in RO’s is…a bit all over the place. Examples: A and N from Wayhaven, Rory from Tally Ho, Carrie from Tin Star, Morgana from the Guenevere WIP.
I think I tend to be drawn towards the serious and/or work focused but fair type. The ones who once you break through their serious or distant outer shells are massive sweetie pies/loyal lovers.
Not big on the who “bad boy” thing. Nah take that attractive body and jerky personality away from me.

Really though, it’s mainly a matter of how well a character is written. In my above examples, I really like the characters because of how well developed they are.


See, deep down we all want the nice RO who you know will take care of you. But even deeper down I do not. I mean for some unknown reason Jack the Ripper really gets me worked up. Idk why’s Bitch didn’t even show their face. They could’ve been a woman! Tbh give me an angry pouting Severus Snap any day though.

Of course being pans, I’m literally attracted to EVERYTHING. (it’s a curse I swear.) so here are some types I enjoy. Of course overall sarcasm to combat my wily wily ways of witty one liners.

Type 1: Mean and horrible with a dash of sugar.


I suppose I enjoy the rough types most of the time. The mysterious, angry man who hates the world. But really he just needs a hug, and is really a nice guy under all the gruff He’s gotta be badass as hell. Basically just give me Geralt of Rivia.
Oorrrrr Sebastian Castellanos from Evil within,

Seb: image

Rough guy 2 is the angry bastard who you want to punch in the throat but can thelp be attracted to. He’s angry, yells too much, and has pet names that make you bristle. But when the time comes he’s actually a lonely puppy who just needs some lovin. So basically a Lion who will rip his enemies apart, but also likes cardboard boxes and belly rubs. Kinda like Sir Brash from Demonheart actually. If you haven’t played it definitely check it out.

Link: (There might be a rp trigger in there so watch out. Other than that the game is gold.)

It’s super good you should check it out.
It’s a spin off of NWN so yeah.

Sir Brash:
He has such a way with words :heart:

Type 2: Mysterious Flirter.


Now I don’t meanover the top, I still gotta have my gruffness. Gruffness is the basis to all my attractions, but I want me a mans that can do both. He’s gotta be a charming ass rogue, who could pickpocket an old person and make people feel good about it. Sly and cunning, while being overly lewd, only adding a dash of cuteness every now and again. But he’s gotta have a dark ass past that haunts him, and times where it catches up to him and some days he can’t force a smile.
Soooooo Steve Mcgarret from Hawaii 5-0, the new one(even though I’ve seen the old one).

Type 3: The Killer.


The bad boy. Ugh give me a good Killer any day. I love them villains. But not the outright evil ones, mostly mad scientists and not complete sociopaths, but falling somewhere on the spectrum. A good example would be someone like Hannibal (Meds) from the TV show. Ugh that man. I also like the ones who know they are being shitty, but the pursuit of something greater keeps them from stopping. I have a great love for Ruvik (Ruben) Victoriano from Evil Within. His tortured past and just overall persona makes me want I help him in his mad endeavors. I also enjoy Stephano from the second one buuuuut not as much. Also fuck cults, don’t give me no cult ass bitch. I don’t fuck with no ghosts, and cults. That’s my only thing.

Ugh :heart_eyes: cough

Hannibal: image

Type 4: The Strong Lesbian


I don’t even have to explain. Ruby Rose is not a women assuredly, as they are a “they”, but I enjoy their performance in Orange is the new black so much.

So yeah, I guess we’ve established I’m a romance lover ( I’m a hoe don’t beat around the bush :woman_shrugging:t2:) and those are my types. As for appearnce it’s easy. Silver fox with a beard. I love me then older men.

Give me the enemies to friends to lovers. No better relationship than that.

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I could just describe the somewhat insane non-kosher Reform Jew biker girl who looks like a younger Jennifer Garner with dark red hair I dated in college and still retain as a friend with benefits (she’s not the marrying kind) who is a master martial artist, dancer, bartender, computer programmer, and bounty hunter- but many people don’t believe she actually exists (I ain’t saying whether she does or not at her request). She may or may not match other people’s fantasy lovers anyway. A large diverse cast of interesting ROs like many games already feature is probably better too.

There shouldn’t be a “You fall instantly in love with RO’s hot bod” without a choice or mind magic.

The best thing to have is a variety of ROs.

I personally don’t like to have so much emphasis on apperance (unless there are in game pictures or the RO is some type of alien or nonhuman). You can note important characteristics, but as long as you don’t make MC automatically attracted to RO, then I’m good with any body type, but I’d like to choose their gender.

I personally like the best friend type who has a (not so) secret crush on MC. I don’t like the butt hole characters, because that’s too domestic abuse like for me to enjoy. I also don’t like the flirt who doesn’t care if MC lives or dies as long as they have a bed warmer.

I would date someone with minor flaws like forgetfulness or sleep walking or turning into a werewolf every full moon, but nothing major like gambling or addiction (unless they were recovering), but major flaws do make an interesting story.

I don’t mind ROs who are bold or shy, but I wouldn’t want to chase after someone who detests me. However, making up complicated schemes to convince the person who doesn’t know I exist (but is not mean to me)love me , is fun.

I don’t like the “Bob is a man with red hair. Do you love him?” choice when we first meet a character because I don’t know enough about them to make that choice yet.

I like to be able to disagree with a RO, so we don’t have to hate each other because we have different favorite colors.


I don’t really have a, “type,” that I like to romance in a CS game. (Or in real life for that matter) What really makes a love interest irresistible to me is where there’s some kind of drama, or obstacle for us to overcome. If s/he is predisposed to dislike me for some reason, or we’re rivals, or she’s an elven, apostate, blood-mage, and I’m a pillar of the city. (I still love you Merrill) Oooh or s/he’s in a relationship when we meet…something along those lines.

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When it comes to RO’s I really don’t pay much attention to how they look. Their behaviours and morals is much more interesting to me, and therefore I LOVE a good backstory. And this goes for every RO, not just the “dark and mysterious” ones. Seriously.

I guess if we want to go into archetypes I’d go to the happy-go-lucky type of character. Atleast initially. This would make them extroverted (usually). However I do like a critical RO, someone who thinks twice before acting and doesn’t just mindlessly go on like they usually do - but instead adapts to the situation. That’s not to say that I want them to have everything figured out by themselves, because I’m keen on communication, but I want to be able to be able to contribute something that they then later bear in mind. That’s the dynamic I like, and it really works with any type of character.

I like the flaws to be workable. Be it emotional constipation or overworking themselves - I want to be able to go through it with the RO. Potentially, their “approach to love” falls into this category. They might fling to one relationship to the next, and never settle - or be overly withdrawn. Whatever the case might be, I like to see the progress throughout the story.

Like I said before, I usually go for the cheery kind of personality, and that would probably make them lively, carefree, thrill-seeking etc. The progress with these kinds of types are often much faster, I find. And since I’m more of an introvert myself, the dynamic seems more natural. Also the issue these types usually have is the fear of commitment. So, I guess that make them anxious about feeling attached.

Sorry if I’m being unspecific, but really - I’m not picky as long as the characters are well fleshed out! :laughing: :heartbeat:

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I guess a perfect ro would be similar to a perfect character in general.

So female, average height and build, jet black long straight hair, grey eyes. Gothy/aggressive in appearance, so lots of black, maybe some big black boots too.
Definitely introverted, fits the broken bird trope. Brain over braun and book smart. an emotionally detached misanthrope who is socially awquard. She’d mostly either have a deadpan facial expression, be glaring or giving a death glare.

They would see love as purely having to do with chemicals in the brain, and combined with their misanthropy a waste of time. They wouldn’t care about their first impression, or in general what people think of them. They would be a gray area morality wise, they wouldn’t hurt people but wouldn’t actively help them either. Any mc I’d create wouldn’t romance them, they’d be too similar :stuck_out_tongue: . But if someone was too they’d have to be super patient and determined to do so, and to break down their barriers and try to get them to open up.

So yeah probably more a perfect character, just because for any mc of mine they’d be unromanceable. Would be interesting to have an emotionally detached ro though, not really seen that in cog I don’t think. But in general I like ros and characters who are quirky and/or have some kind of mental health issue. Needless to say Tammy from choice of robots is one of my favourite ros :stuck_out_tongue: .

Everyone has their own tastes, so why not let the player choose these options during a game? Provided, of course, that you are able to script something like that…

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In personality… I think the most important thing is that the romance should seem to care about people, and my own character in particular—they seem like they actually like each other :smile: and I guess I generally go for the sweetie types more than the tough types… but a badboy or troubled romance could still be exciting or appealing :thinking: it also just really helps to have something distinctive about the character, to make them interesting and memorable. But really, I think the opportunity for bonding is what really sells it :hugs: (which is why I also generally want a bit of time to get to know the ROs before I have to decide if I want to spend my life with them :sweat:)

With the topic of appearance… I like to have just enough description to jump start me into developing a mental image—which doesn’t need to be much. I certainly don’t mind more specifics, though :thinking: However, I do generally resent when the description is actively telling me that someone is attractive, because I’d rather form that opinion for myself.

I guess you got “friendly” and “nerd” with maybe a little “protective,” is that right? :innocent:


There is no ideal romance option instead there is likeable characters.

As for me. The type of chara I like is


Strong mature woman(by mature I dont mean Milf or something like that instead the girl are not too emotional all the time and able to keep composure.) But sometime troubled by insecurities since she like cute things like other girls but people seem to think of her as different from other girls because of her respectable attitude.

A honest Tsundere type. Girls who dont know how to act and tend to say things she regret. She will lament it later on and if she gone too far she will immedietly apologize. People can see through her crystal clear no matter how she try to act indifferent. They dont always in tsundere mode and only tsundere when the mc try to flirt her or make a move on her. Complicated chara I guess. They dont lie only try to use vague answers.

Girl who want to do everything for the sake of others. You can see this type of Chara in Legend of Heroes Trail of Cold Steel that is Towa. She do everything for sake of others but despite she being busy she completely saw through Rean the mc and gave him valueable advice. Admirable character that too selfless for her own good but still loveable because of her charms that move heart of others.


Serious guy who always look unhappy. Idk why I like this type of guys. The main reason is cause I want the mc to make this guy happy. Give him lots of cute looks that will melt his heart little by little. I m sure he will protect me no matter what.
I believe he will cherish me. I believe I can make him happy.

The happy looking guy with evil side aka yandere.
This type of guy I like when I really want to strangle myself or want to felt cherish. He will cherish u no matter what as long as u dont cheat on him. Be sure to cherish him as well if u dont want to die. A dangerous relationship.

The sweet type.
Suddenly kiss u or make u blush. Aaaaaa. Kiss me more.

Thats all maybe

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It is quite hard to create an ideal RO since each reader have their own ideal type. Having ROs that are well developed and have the reader care for is more important instead of ROs only being there to just be your MC trophy man/woman.


I like a guy who is rather popular and well occupied. There’s a lot of things he wants to try, music, art, sports, and etc. He is an extrovert. Someone who will go the extra mile to achieve goals. Not really a romantic though seeing as how they want to focus on the bigger things of life. Doesn’t have any regrets, yet loathes circumstances. As a result most of his time is occupied. But when he can make time for you, and even might seem unapproachable. He turns out to be a really nice guy, and over the course if you show interest in him early on, he will be severely put off. But if you establish a friendship and the like first, he might consider it and play hard to get.

As for his cons, I suppose being a bit of a bystander in situations where be could help is something.

He doesn’t empathize easily with depressed people or other archetypes and he may come off cold when honest.

Doesn’t like the idea of PDA when in a relationship, and likes to keep those types of things underwraps.

Eh, maybe if you want to make it more immersive you could always establish the gender of a player with the RO. May vary scenes, like maybe a changing room scene with this guy if your male. Who knows.

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